Francex, or SpartanFrancex95 (born April 19th, 2001) is an italian 17 years old sparta remixer.

Youtube History

Francex joined in Youtube community in 2010. His first channel was mariodsful , but in 2011 he opened a new one, supermario95ful. For 2 years he posted random videos, most of them were bad italian memes, but in Febraury 2013, after he discovered Sparta Community, he started making Sparta Remixes using AVS Video Editor. His first remix was Timmy Turner - ...Con crema, mirtilli e cioccolato! - Sparta Hyper Remix. He had several problems with timing.

Timmy Turner - ..

Timmy Turner - ...Con crema, mirtilli e cioccolato! - Sparta Hyper Remix

Then, in summer 2013, he downloaded Sony Vegas, but he continued to have problems with timing, pitch, etc.

In September 2013, his main channel has been taken down for unknown reasons. Then he opened a new channel, where he continued to make Sparta Remixes. He fixed the off-timing with some tutorials (including Aduburyus one) in January/Febraury 2014.

After a pause period between 2015 and 2016, he came back with Spartas, YTPMVs and some remixes. He has definitively left the community towards the beginning of 2018.

After 3 years, on February 6th 2017, his channel reached 1000 subs.
SHUT UP, FLANDERS! - Sparta Endurance Remix

SHUT UP, FLANDERS! - Sparta Endurance Remix

His most popular remix yet

Sparta Bases

  • Sparta Madhouse Remix MT95THS/STFCX/FE (v1, v2)
  • Fap x Madhouse V3 x Hyper V2.5 (M)
  • Sparta Mario Chaos Remix (M)
  • Sparta Simplex Remix (v1, v2)
  • Sparta Hyper Acid Remix
  • Sparta Execution Remix MT95THS or STFCX (v1, v2)
  • Sparta Techno Mario World Remix (v1, v2)
  • Sparta Aria Remix SF95 or STFCX
  • Sparta Endurance Remastered Remix
  • Sparta Cyber Remix SF95 or STFCX (v1, v2)
  • Sparta M. A. G. Remix (M)
  • Sparta Calm Remix SF95 or STFCX (v1, v2)
  • Sparta Stylish Remix STFCX (M)
  • Sparta .-. Remix (M)
  • Sparta Antimatter STFCX Remix (v1, v2)
  • Sparta AereoLight Remix
  • Sparta Hyper LOL Remix STFCX
  • Sparta Celestial Rock Remix
  • Sparta Pulse Remix STFCX
  • Sparta Venom Remix STFCX
  • Sparta Summer Adventure
  • Sparta MV Remix
  • Sparta Darkness Remix (M)
  • Sparta Infiverse Base
  • Sparta Dark Sky Remix STFCX
  • Sparta France Remix
  • Sparta Lapis Remix
  • Sparta TOD Remix (M)
  • Sparta Velocity Remix STFCX
  • Sparta Xinko Remix
  • Sparta Lightspeed Remix STFCX
  • Sparta Kaje Remix (M)
  • Sparta Samdan Remix
  • Sparta Unbothered Remix STFCX
  • Sparta STFCX Mashup Remix (M)
  • Sparta Mushap Mix (disaster.wav)
  • Sparta Dream Remix
  • Sparta Enigma FE Mix
  • Sparta Upsilon X Amber Blaze X Inspiration Mix (M)
  • Sparta Passion Mix FE
  • Sparta Reborn Mix
  • Sparta Kerusso Mix FE
  • Sparta Selene Mix (Collab with FLYGEE)
  • Sparta Vektor Mix FE
  • Sparta Kristel Mix
  • Sparta Lucid Dream Mix FE
  • Sparta Casti Mix
  • Sparta Nameless Mix FE
  • Sparta Prototard Mix (M)
  • Sparta Rigmarole Mix FE
  • Sparta Downfall Mix
  • Sparta Ultimate BlackHole FE Remix


  • SoundCloud account .
  • He likes American cartoon shows (The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, Cleveland Show, South Park), different Netflix productions (Bojack Horseman, Big Mouth, etc.), and some CN cartoons (Gumball, Adventure Time, etc.).
  • He likes Total Drama.
  • He is a huge fan of TV series like Breaking Bad or Dexter.
  • His best friend.
  • He dislikes BFDI.

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