Zory13 is a Sparta Remixer that started his channel on January 22nd 2017, but made his first remix in 2015. where him and his brother uploaded remixes. Before making the channel they made remixes for a while before making a channel. People were getting confused so Zory made an account for his brother called Zane 1616

Back when he first appeared he uploaded a lot of videos in a short time confusing people if he was an alt or not. People have also been confused about an imposter on discord of him until he made a video saying that the people who thought it was Zory was an imposter. The imposter also participated in 2 collabs. One of them was Alex's Free Rule Collab of 2017.

With all the remixes on his channel he has gotten a lot of views on the videos and has nearly 800 subscribers on his channel from these

He is known for creating questionable custom sources that have a story but also pitches etc. The first one was a story about "Mr hap hu." While it was weird, it got used a lot by spartans and most likely because of this he made a sequel called "Mrs. han zu". This is a sequel to the first one and a continuation of sorts to the original with different samples.