YoAverageSpartan is a person that would make Sparta Remixes (of course). His age is almost the same as Teh23rdSpartan/Spartan Object's age. Teh23rdSpartan/Spartan even inspired him to make Sparta Remixes! He started his youtube channel and started to make Sparta Remixes since July 30th, 2015! YoAverageSpartan has made a Sparta Remix base called the "Sparta Midi Base". You can find it here:

YoAverageSpartan has improved in a short period of time. You can see a comparison of one of his old Sparta Remixes with one of his new ones with these links:



However, YoAverageSpartan does not know how to use Melodyne or anything to make pitch for his remixes, aswell as the pitch patterns.

That's all!

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