Wilde is a 13-year-old Sparta Remixer (since 2014) and YTPMVer (since 2017) from Krasnoyarsk, Russia. He loves Sparta Remixes and other stuff like cartoons, but he doesn't like GoAnimate. He may do anything.


In 2012, he opened a channel like [HolderArts]. In 2016 of June, YouTube gave him a copyright strike for making an intro template and he decided to close this channel.

His first Sparta Remix was "CHOCOLATE!!! Sparta Remix", it was very terrible and bad, and it had 10 dislikes, so he deleted it.

In 2014-2015 Wilde was getting little better at Sparta Remixes. He used Vegas pitch and it wasn't at the correct note. He uses "Smeshariki" (a Russian cartoon) for Sparta Remixes. In 2014, he did a Sparta Remix of Russian "This is Patrick!!!". (He was named as Homie/TehHomieSpartan).

In 2016, he was a fan of Smeshariki, and he did a Sparta Remix of Nusha (Pinky) saying "Hedgehog had an accident!!!" He used Vocodex for pitches (pitch sounds fake). (He was named as TehDuckySpartan/Ducky). Also he did a collab with TehBagiSpartan (Windows ME has a Sparta Madhouse SFP Remix).

In mid 2016-2017 he was named as TehWildSpartan. He also used fake pitches in September 2016. In December 2016 he's begun using Melodyne.

In 2017 he improved quickly and now he uses FL Studio to make bases and gross beat.

Sparta Bases

  • Sparta Unbothered MSE (WE) Base
  • Sparta Diamond TWSE (WE) Base (V1, V2, V3)
  • Sparta Kosmo Base
  • Sparta OpticalX Base
  • Sparta Orange Meters Base
  • Sparta UnderVelsa Base
  • Sparta Soopy Mix
  • Sparta Wildscore Mix​
  • Sparta Wisdom Mix


  • Dope


  • He is a brony fan
  • He lives in Krasnoyarsk, Russia
  • He is fan of all good remixes
  • TehBagiSpartan, Classic Spartan and others are his friends