WBC is a Sparta Remixer that joined the community on December 2015 when he got Sony Movie Studio Suite 13.

His first two remixes are off timing, have no pitch, percussion, or hi-hats. Other remixers might help him improve with this. He might improve someday.

Then after a while his remixes sucked. The ones with no or barely any pitch sounded classic (like get in the van sparta dark alleyway remix).

After he left the OSC he got invited to sparta groups most of which removed due to be annoying. Alot of people think he barely makes good remixes nowdays, it will just take time for someone to help.

Now his remixes are decent but his pitch is bad. Though in the summer of 2016 he began getting bored of sparta remixes and found new hobbies, he now mainly works on sparta bases.


- He used to be a troll now he is being more serious after being kick from groups.

- His most recent videos have spammed dislikes from a former friend in real life.

- A friend gave WBC a crack to fl studio and vanguard and (on a new computer) Sony Vegas 13

- He is very "roastable" dispite himself thinking the term is dumb.

- He has over 12 vf. remix files not finished.


His friends in the community. (all are aquaintencies now):

  • Benja
  • Bijoux
  • Jario
  • Talon
  • TehCanadianSpartan/TCS
  • RazeMaza
  • NorskMario
  • WooperLooper
  • Aquatic _