Useful's Profile Picture
Vital statistics
Name Useful
Gender Male
Country Romania
Status Active
Date joined 1 October 2016 (5 May 2016 in his other channel)
Date left TBA
First base Sparta Time Travel Base (UsefulVideos Version)
First remix Spongebob has a Sparta Venom Remix (My Version)

UsefulVideos AKA Alexcata2003 or Useful is a 14 Year old Sparta Remixer that lives in Romania.

He usually makes Sparta Remixes/Bases on his Computer using Sony Vegas, Melodyne, Audacity , FL Studio 12 and more.

Custom Bases (TehUsefulEdition)

Sparta Aesthetic TUE Mix

Sparta Aesthetic TUE Mix V2

Sparte Extended TUE Mix

Sparte Extended TUE Mix V2

Sparta Etheral TUE Mix

Sparta Etheral TUE Mix V2


Sparta Time Travel Base (On Youtube only)

Sparta Unique Base (On Youtube only)

Sparta Smart Day Base (On Youtube only)

Sparta DJ UsefulVideos Base (On Youtube only)

Sparta Dancing Heaven Base (On Youtube only)

Sparta Classic Days Base (On Youtube only)

Sparta Coolness Base


Sparta Nocturn Mix (On Youtube only)

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