TehMondasianSpartan is a 15-year old Sparta remixer who joined the SR community in 2016. He currently uses Sony Vegas to make remixes and sometimes, YTPMVs aswell.

Well-known remixers including: John Quacks (who is one of his inspirations), OpticalPlays, Jario, Alex and TehGermanSpartan have recognized/noticed him.


TehMondasianSpartan joined YouTube in October 2013, but only joined the Sparta Remixing community in early 2016. He now uses Sony Vegas Pro 14 to make Sparta Remixes from September 2017, previously he used Sony Vegas 11 (December 2016 - September 2017), Sony Vegas 10 (October 2016 - December 2016) and Adobe Premiere (February 2016 - October 2016). Sony Vegas is where he started to make good correct-timing remixes. Since early 2017, TehMondasianSpartan has participated in various multi-part collabs.


This only shows existing collabs he has participated to.

Collab Hosted by Uploaded by Link
18 Part Sparta Remix Collab EpicSpartaXP EpicSpartaXP, (reuploaded by SRReuploads/John Quacks)

The 18-Part Sparta Extended Remix Collab The Firealarm Spartan The Firealarm Spartan

(19-x Collab) Multisource have a small sense with Sparta MKH Remix V2 ialex ialex

The 6-Part Sparta Extended Remix Collab TheInfiniteSpartan TheInfiniteSpartan

The 12 Part Multisource Sparta Extended Remix Collab John Quacks John Quacks

8 Part Multisource Sparta Gamma Remix Collab HangoutYoshiGuy88/BoulderSpartan HangoutYoshiGuy88/BoulderSpartan

The 36 Part Free Rule Collab UnofficialStudios UnofficialStudios