UranusRemixer is a 14-year old Sparta remixer born in January 13th, 2003. He currently uses Sony Vegas to make remixes (formerly using Premiere Pro CS5).


UranusRemixer joined YouTube in October 2013, about 4 years ago, but didn't start Sparta remixes until 2016. His first Sparta remix (deleted now) was off timing, but since then, he has improved much. He now uses Sony Vegas Pro 11 to make Sparta Remixes.

From early 2015 (before he did Sparta Remixes) to 2016, his name was "Qweekskowped" (there are actually other names before that since the user's first joining in 2013, but Qweekskowped was the name that has been used for long). In October 2016, after being used for almost one year, he changed his name from Qweekskowped to Remixeyma. Then, in 2017, he changed his name again, this time to ClockworkSpartan, but then made another decision to change again to UranusRemixer just few days after renaming to ClockworkSpartan.

He currently participated to these collabs: EpicSpartaXP's 18-part Sparta Extended Remix collab (released February 2017) and Aquatic's 10-part Sparta Upsilon Remix collab (released April 23th, 2017). He also hosted his own collab, the 6-part Sparta Extended + Altis JE collab, with the collab reaching over 4 thousand views (and still counting)

For the pitch, unlike most of other remixers who used Melodyne for the pitch samples, UranusRemixer used GarageBand's stretching feature for the pitches. He used that pitch method starting late 2016, although it became used more by him in 2017.

He was inspired by CatmanTeam, DaSpartanRemixer, John Quacks, TPS (Teh Polish Spartan), IalexStudios3D, and others.


Collabs hosted by him

  • Sparta Extended + Altis (JE) Collab (November 27th, 2016)

Collabs he participated

  • Aquatic's 10-part Sparta Upsilon Remix collab (April 23rd, 2017)
  • EpicSpartaXP's 18-part Sparta Remix collab (February 2017)


  • He is one of the few Indonesian sparta remixers after InfiniteVideoEffects HD and TMSNRemixer
  • He is really fluent at English language.
  • He is a Brony and a Whovian.

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