TehMondasianSpartan is a 15-year old Sparta remixer born in January 13th, 2003. He currently uses Sony Vegas to make remixes. Sometimes he also does YTPMVs

He has two other unused accounts: DatGuyInABlueBox (formerly an alt channel, has turned into a channel for Doctor Who theme mixes), NightskyRemixer (was going to be a new YouTube channel, but it didn't last long and the user eventually returned to an old channel) and DalekSpartan.

He was inspired by CatmanTeam (dead), DaSpartanRemixer, John Quacks, TPS (Teh Polish Spartan), ialex, and others. He was also recognized by three big name remixers: John Quacks (who is his inspiration), OpticalPlays, and Jario.

He has participated to those collabs: EpicSpartaXP's 18-part Sparta Extended Remix collab (released February 2017), Aquatic's 10-part Sparta Upsilon Remix collab (released April 23rd, 2017), and more which you can see in the "Collabs" section below. He also ever hosted his own collab, the 6-part Sparta Extended + Altis JE collab, now deleted.


TehMondasianSpartan joined YouTube in October 2013, about 4 years ago, but didn't start Sparta remixes until 2016. His first Sparta remix (deleted now) was off timing, but since then, he has improved much. He now uses Sony Vegas Pro 14 to make Sparta Remixes as of September 2017, before that he used Sony Vegas 11 (December 2016 - September 2017), Sony Vegas 10 (October 2016 - December 2016) and Adobe Premiere (February 2016 - October 2016). Throughout the months and years he has improved much, and more people liked his content. As of December 22nd, 2017, he has gained over 594 subs.

In July 27th, 2017, he announced that after 4 years, he's going to move to a new channel, under a new name "NightskyRemixer". Videos would be kept but the old channel will no longer be updated (or abandoned). This would have been done in similar premise with TheInfiniteSpartan, from InfiniteMediaChronologies135, whose his sparta remixing career moved to a standalone channel with that name months before. With his old channel still getting more and more subscribers however, in August 8th, 2017, 2 months after the moving channels announcement, he announced that he will be moving back to his old channel, and since then hasn't moved channels.


Collabs hosted by him

  • Sparta Extended + Altis (JE) Collab (November 27th, 2016, deleted)

Collabs he participated (in order of date)

  • (Reuploaded by SRReuploads) EpicSpartaXP's 18-part Sparta Remix collab (February 2017, day unspecified since the original has been deleted)
  • Aquatic's 10-part Sparta Upsilon Remix collab (April 23rd, 2017, collab has been privated)
  • The Firealarm Spartan's 18-part Sparta Extended Remix collab (June 14th, 2017)
  • SuperWiiUGamer97's 18-part Sparta Execution Collab (July 26th, 2017)
  • ialex's 19-part Sparta MKH V2 Remix Collab (October 9th, 2017)
  • TheInfiniteSpartan's 16-part Sparta Metro Remix Collab (October 10th, 2017)
  • TheInfiniteSpartan's 6-part Sparta Extended Remix Collab (November 20th, 2017)
  • The 12 Part Multisource Sparta Extended Remix Collab (December 29th, 2017)


  • He is one of the few Indonesian sparta remixers after TheInfiniteSpartan and TMSNRemixer
  • He is really fluent at English.
  • He is a Brony, Whovian and recently, a BFDI fan.
  • He is an Anglophenian (An Anglophenian is a term used for a person who admires all things Britain)

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