"I'm Unknown For A Reason"

Sprocket is a remixer that had joined the community back in early 2007; when the first official Sparta Remix was introduced to us.


Sprocket had originally been introduced to Sparta Remixes in May of 2007. He had watched many original and classic remixes which are still admired today. As of a result, he had been hooked onto them for the many years to come, and had been inspired by so many remixes from 2007 up to this point. He was only a view for remixes, meaning he didn't own a channel yet, but in late 2012, he created a channel under the name "TheZebuster". He had only been a commenting channel and didn't do anything but change his name countless times. From "TheZebuster" to "Mr.Zoro" he was known all over the comment section. But, in December of 2012, he made his first ever remix titled: The Freeman Collection Sparta (EXTENDED) Mix. From off timing to low quality, it was your typical "shitty" remix for that time. Due to his realization, he had taken it down weeks later. Unknown had made a recent return to remixing during the Summer of 2015. He made his returning remix on June 19th, 2015, and was officially back in action. He now makes remixes once again with the new community of 2015, and is continuously improving throughout each remix he uploads.

As of February 11th, 2018, he has quit making sparta remixes and moved on to more music.

As of April 7th, 2018, on SoundCloud, he said a comment "using this" in Jario's Club Chaos JE base (, making himself come back someday.

Fun Facts.

  • Age is Unknown
  • LOVES Valentine - from the fighting games "Skullgirls"
  • "Oppai is a fucking idiot." - Unknown
  • Did I mention Valentine?
  • Don't mess with his waifu...Ever.
  • "send one more of her hot ass here i dare you" - Unknown
  • Would like to see cyberdeath cosplay as valentine
  • His Hit list: Alex the Savior, EdgyJelly, neroultimo, SterGameX, Beri, Oppai, Moose, madman, So Doomed, Ub (Quack Addict)
  • His inspiration comes from past remixers and remixes such as: Loser53, HeyItsDanFromCP, Jario, Jastuk55, DarkHero434, Buker98, fartknocker, and many more classic remixers from back in the day.
  • Favorite Bases Included: Sparta EXTENDED Mix, Execution Base, Madhouse V3, Uber Base, Aria, Crash Base (Fuck you Nick), and others that I'm too lazy to list.
  • Loves Food
  • Uhh...Yeah that's it.