Bronze Sparta Remixer/Base Maker

Knows basic patterns, including custom pitch patterns from old bases

Knows how to use Sony Vegas in a basic way.

Doesn't use Pixitracker, Audacity or WMM.

Knows how to make simple Sparta Bases

Silver Sparta Remixer/Base Maker

Can fail at visuals.

Can fail at pitches sometimes.

Can mess up a remix sometimes.

Knows more stuff than Bronze.

Can make full bases with FL Studio, which are "not-bad"

Gold Sparta Remixer/Base Maker

Loves to base cover.

Loves to use vibrato.

Loves to freestyle, alot.

Can make good bases.

Uses good instruments/presets.

Uses awesome sound effects and envelopes.

Platinum Sparta Remixer/Base Maker

The best Sparta Remixer rank.

Makes near-flawless remixes

Makes Epic base covers.

Makes Epic bases.

Uses epic sound effects ,envelopes and instruments/presets.

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