Tracker929/TehCanadianSpartan's Page

Tracker929 (also known as TehCanadianSpartan) is a sparta remixer and also a gamer who hit a mark of 6,000+ subs. He started on YouTube in August 2008, but uploaded a video in September (Which became very popular). He started making Sparta Remixes in January 3, 2010, then he figured out how to improve on 2012 New Year's Eve when he timed perfect, although it took time for his remixes, he took a some summer time off to finish those requests.

He usually uses PewDiePie and Markiplier sources.


3,000 Subs Special 10 of 10 I'M NOT A F*CKING WIZARD!!! Sparta Madhouse Mix XYE-0

3,000 Subs Special 10 of 10 I'M NOT A F*CKING WIZARD!!! Sparta Madhouse Mix XYE-0

He started his account up on August 2008 and made his first upload in September, and surprisingly made a lot of views.
-REMAKE- -Inanimate Insanity II- Bomb has a Sparta Blast Mix V2

-REMAKE- -Inanimate Insanity II- Bomb has a Sparta Blast Mix V2

Since January 3rd 2010, he's been remixing ever since. Then 2014 came, he is known as TehCanadianSpartan on YouTube, had issues with Google+, then just didn't bother.

He has started by making requests as of July 16th and on. He has been taking a break for the summer and on for requests due to the strike happening in Sudbury and 3 other places in Ontario where he lives in late April, early May. There was supposed to be another school strike at the beginning of September, (Cause in the whole country of Canada, you go to school in September and start summer on the 30th day of June. Plus, July 1st is Canada Day)

So far, he made some fillers now and then. He gained 4,500+ subs in just 2 weeks from 4,000 subs. He started making a gaming channel and has partnered with Inanimate Fight-Out Creator: MegaAnimazing to do a Game Grumps spin-off: Cool For Games on his gaming channel.

He got a strike once when he used the source An Ordinary Battle Amongst Familiar Hills, and has one currently from FOX for using Ice Age for a tribute of Scrat. The expiring date of this strike will take place on December 14th, which is 4 days before his birthday.

He learned the Awesomness 1 pattern on Jul 9, 2015 when he remade the Bomb has a Sparta Blast Remix V2. But how he will do it without the description from the video, he will have to use it for every future remix he makes.

In Aug 22, 2015, there's a guy named Omigan created a fake channel and eventually the faker closed his channel. Which was actually Teh10thSpartan because Caylin Omigan gave TCS his password to his Google Account... Eventually afterwards, Caylin opened up several channels and has continued to be a dick. TCS gave up after that by listening to MegaAnimazing with him saying this: "He's going to open a new channel every time we close it, it's getting too repetitive and you have to give up"


  • He's one of many people who can gain subs within 2 or so weeks.
  • He was inspired by retired remixers.
  • He is not the only canadian remixer.
  • He has over 4 million views.
  • His most popular remix is the CLORBAG VARBLERNELK sparta remix with over 400k.
  • He likes the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, but got bored after seeing so many posts to make a 5th game.
  • He's probably the only remixer with a birthday in December.
  • He skipped Grade 6 and ended up graduating early because of the age he was at.
  • He is still waiting for the production of BFDIA 6, and has not snapped for waiting too long as of now.
  • He is a fan of South Park.
  • He downloads playlists of PewDiePie to either watch, convert, burn, or remix.
  • He has over 200 Skype contacts.
  • He gets so many contact requests from fans.
  • Cool For Games got over 200 subscribers.
  • He's said numerous times that he would never quit what he started.
  • His OC is a Canada Flag.
  • He is getting fan art from subscribers on DeviantArt.
  • He's got a friend who is everything like him, but a girl.
  • He's upset about the glitch in the 3DS systems for not letting or showing him to get Flipnote Studio 3D.
  • He has a Jack Russell Terrier named Sandy which is 3 years old as of now.
  • Cool For Games episodes are edited with Adobe Premiere Elements 11 and Pro CC. MegaAnimazing got Premiere Pro in November 21st 2015 and will use it for the year for future Cool For Games videos.
  • Cool For Games episodes are unlisted and put in a cycle of which episodes come out for a pattern.
  • Player One: AREA has merged with Cool For Games so it would be a bit more easier than being separate channels, because AnimationArea is on both channels, he and Animazing decided they would merge.

Friends that are not remixers

  • MegaAnimazing
  • TeenChampion
  • Vlogmaster
  • SwordsicMelody
  • Necro Diamond
  • PDDRMAnimationPro
  • AnimatedBacon
  • AnimationArea (AlchemistArea Originally)
  • Cormac Oliver
  • PhoebeBebe
  • WaterBrickCraft
  • Minecraft Bros. (Fan Girl)
  • WhoTheHeckIsStan (ObjectInsanity)
  • Brannon Cool
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  • RealWorldAnimations
  • DesuUsagi
  • Emonga Alamos
  • Fallingwithstyle1995
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  • BFDIdubita23
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and etc.