The S-Side of Sparta Remix (V1) logo made by So Doomed


TMS's logo of The S-Side Of Sparta Remix

The S-Side of Sparta Remix is a base medley made by Alex The Savior/PiaNO!. It contains diffetent references to a lot of popular bases. The origin of this base was started from a conversation in a random group, where So Doomed said that someone had to make the S-Side of Sparta Remix, like the C-Side of YTPMV. Alex found this a good idea and decided to create the medley known as "The S-Side of Sparta Remix".

Currently there's a modified version of the base (modified by the creator himself) with new improvements, called S-Side of Sparta Remix v0.5. This version contains a better Track EQ, the Pulse Base and Madhouse v3 reference, different ytpmv parts, the fixed dark heart part. Also the inspiration base was removed.

On October 28 2015 were announced the V2 of the medley base, called "The S-Side of Sparta Remix [V2]". It contains new ytpmv songs, Sparta Bases and fun times mixes references and a new ending. It's the final version of the base.

If you make a perfect sparta remix (in the best audio) with this base, Alex will reward you with the flp of the version you used.

First version can be found here, V0.5 can be found here and the V2/Final Version can be found here


First version

The S-Side of Sparta Remix

The S-Side of Sparta Remix

The First version of the base made by Alex The Savior

“the only way i can see this being used is through a collab with the best of the best. this is really nice btw”
―Matt Conagher (krit1k)
“amazing...wonderful... awesome...beautiful...epic......”
―EpicRemix 0_o
“this is perfection in every fucking way possible"”
―Pneumatic Guy
“this is the best base you've ever made. all that hard work for this base has absolutely paid off!! =D”
“This is so fucking good.”
“this is probably the best thing i have made for a long time.”
―Alex The Savior
“You did a really good work with this base.”
So Doomed
“This is so good, I can even dance to the beat!”

Final version

The S-Side of Sparta Remix -V2-

The S-Side of Sparta Remix -V2-

The Final Version of the base made by Alex The Savior

“This is fucking amazing.”
“This, this is really astounding. It is pretty long but I love it.”
―Gabriel Cano
“Wow, is this the final form of Sparta Remix?”
“Alex, I´ve been watching you for a while. I cannot believe that you made impossible revolutionary things, which aren´t imaginable. This is great, man!!”
―Matt Conagher (krit1k)
“I just love it boy”
So Doomed