Vital statistics
Name Kai
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Status Active
Date joined 10. aug. 2013
Date left /
First base Sparta WhatIsThis Base
First remix Hey Bobby! Sparta OMGWTFBBQ Mix CyberD3ath Edition

The Amazing Kai~ (A.K.A Spartan Yuri, Teh56thSpartan) is a Sparta Remixer from the 2009 era. While he wasn't active in that particular era, he started remixing in 2013. He became popular because of the FNAF REMIXES he made in 2014.


He is 13 years old an lives in Slovenia, a small country next to Italy and Austria. He goes to an elementary school and has a lot of friends. His main friends are:

Knowledge In Spartas

At first, he only know the first percussion as:


But now, he makes his own freestyles and even sparta bases. People that helped him are Mat, Cyber and LuigiFan.

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