TheSpyCrap is the first and only Scottish remixer on YouTube and yeah, that's pretty much it. Nobody seems to know how old it is, what is sounds like, what is looks like, what its name is and pretty much everything else. He/she started off really kinda bad, then got kinda better gradually with every video it uploaded...when is does eventually upload a remix. It also seems to have little none involment in the sparta remix community.


Although he/she/it/Demoman does make remixes, it's not as often as others because that is not the main focus of its channel. It does take requests for remixes, but only makes it if it can be bothered, if it's a good source or if it isn't "feeling like crap." (see what I did there?).


You can try your best to irritate or troll this user, but unlike most other remixers, it just does not care in the slightest. Make fun of its videos? Doesn't care. Make fun of its dead dog? Doesn't care. So basically, this thing is not really worth trolling unlike other remixers because this user is actually quite the troll him/herself, but go ahead and try if you so wish, just don't expect a reaction worth your time other than "k pal," or "orite then."

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