TerrarianSparta -

This Sparta Remixer is like every other remixer

He joined and makes Sparta Remixes, He's a 15-year-old person who likes making Sparta Remixes like everyone else but Instead, He makes some remixes that are Cringy and he's been like this for 2 years.

Like every other remixer, He's been improving over time in 2015 and Still is to today (Meaning: He's still trying out other bases)

TerrarianSparta likes to do gaming videos as well but He wants to do them more often because His "Zuma Deluxe Modded" Series grew to like 5,000 views (2017-03-24). He doesn't have the Zuma Deluxe Files right now so It's mainly the reason why he stopped series, He was surprised to see the Sparta Remixes Levels Episode get 5,000 viewsTerrarianSparta is also known as

  1. TehTerrariaSpartan
  2. TehEvanSpartan (Cringe Username)

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