Vital statistics
Name TehThaiSpartan
Gender Male
Country Nakhon Pathom Province - Thailand
Status Active
Date joined unknown
Date left -
First base Sparta TTS Piano Mix
First remix SOJRTSS Remixed by core I7 has a sparta drum remix
TehThaiSpartan (also known as TTS, Old name: Theblackmidi72) is a 15 year old Sparta Remixer remixing in around June 2017.


He used Camtasia Studio for his very first sparta remix, Which was off timing, Around June 2017, He got Sony Vegas Pro 13 and his first remix Which created by Sony Vegas Pro 13 and got the timing perfect.

He wasn't even popular much, only around 200 subscribers


He mainly based of DaSpartanRemixer Sparta remix, And much a little better.

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