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TehJroeSpartan is a Filipino Sparta Kid Remixer, who is 12 years old, and who has 100+ subs and has 17K views. Just like Cosmic Console and Armydillo, he started in GarageBand, a sucky music maker app usually for Apple devices, but didn’t uploaded until December 10, 2016, where, he uploads a Viacom Sparta Remix, which is so awful because it’s Obsolete Source.

His most popular video was a Nineparison with 7.4K Views.

And his most suckiest remix ever was actually almost all of the Sparta Remixes made in GarageBand, ends in someone hating a GarageBand Sparta Remix. Due to that, he gets Sony Vegas Pro 13 to improve merely.

He got recognised by multiple sparta remixers. Whose are lolster999, John Quacks, TehMondasianSpartan, TehInfiniteSpartan, and more, by just commenting on their videos, and chatting in their Discord DMs.

He also joined multiple collabs, and in large chances, he quits because he was too lazy to make Parts, and some others were just cancelled.

His history

April 2016 is the month he joined the Sparta Remix Community. but he did not made remixes until December 2016 where he made a messy Sparta Remix that is very offtiming and bad. He did improve though when he saw a “How to make Sparta Remixes with GarageBand”. That’s where he improved his timings, and start uploading Sparta Remixes.

Around Early 2017, he still keeps going to make them in the GarageBand app, but one time, he used Pixitracker, but then decided to renamed that video “teh worst sparta remix in the sparta remixing community.” But privated later on. He also made the NBC Sparta Remix, and it’s also horrible, and actually someone didn't like it.

Around April 2017, he does going to improve with GarageBand Sparta Remixes, when in the last possible moment, he actually got Sony Vegas Pro 13 because he wants his subs to boosten up and avoid hate. When he got that, he actually and instantly got Melodyne.

He starts his Vegas Pro Remixes with Thames | Sparta Remix but, doesn’t upload his remix after uploading 2 remixes, so when he’s bored he finally uploads it.

So, after few months, he became active again when suddenly gained instant interest in BFDI. So he uploads one remix and it instantly became the most popular video in just a few weeks. After that, he quickly gained a lot more subs, then uploads the BFB | Sparta Remix when suddenly, it instantly blew up for a thousand views making it the most popular remix by far. That’s where he got most of his fanbase. Unfortunately, as of 2018, the remix is now dethroned at the #1 most popular.

Today, he made the "You forgot goosey!" | Sparta Extended Remix as his one of the best remixes in his channel. And, as of now, he is one of the best Sparta Remixers in Philippines (no offense to you guys! :) I did not mean't to brag about it.)

Collabs He Joined

Source Base Hosted By Link Part
Classic's 5th Custom Source Sparta DrLasp JE Classic 9
Multisource (6-Part) Extended SonyFive 4
Multisource (Free-Rule, 36-part) Extended UnofficialStudios 30
We Bare Bears "Im Coming In! DrLasp V3 DreamLandSpartan TBA 13
Multisource (Free-Rule) Extended Beast Mode230 36
Multisource (Semi Free-Rule) Extended Pil 18
Multisource Metro JE BrendenTheSpartan 10
Multisource Extended TehJroeSpartan (himself) 4

Trivia / Facts / Fun Facts

  1. He nearly overused logos.
  2. He obviously likes Object Shows
  3. He likes joining fads.
  4. He actually contributed to another wiki, the BFDI wiki.