TehBuckeye Spartan
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TehBuckeye Spartan is a Sparta Remixer that joined Youtube on March 22, 2014. He discovered Sparta Remixes in 2012, but he didn't start making Sparta Remixes until May 4th, 2014, though. He also makes video effect videos. The Channel

He can kind of make sparta remixes, because he has to use his old computer now, which has Sony Vegas Pro 11 on it. The video player lags on him, though.

His channel art was created by: Bob Pony


When TehBuckeye Spartan made his first sparta remix, it was just bad. It was made with Audacity, and had like 170 BPM timing or something. His 2nd remix was kind of better, still pretty off timing though. He started to make Sony Vegas Pro sparta remixes on July 19, 2014. He started using pitch on March 13, 2015. He is slightly getting better as time goes by.


TehBuckeye Spartan's friends are Lolman teh object thingy, MatthewTheRobloxianGamerX3, Megan Woodmansee, PajamaDarkness Network, Gevalia T, Mario90007 The Guy, TehMontananSpartan, and others.

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