Spartan Dash
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Vital statistics
Name Spartan Dash
Gender Male
Country United States
Status Active
Date joined 2013
Date left N/A
First base Sparta Rocket Base (It sucks)
First remix Sid trips on a Rock (Sparta Remix) (it also sucks)

Spartan Dash is a 14 year old youtuber that makes sparta remixes and YTPMV's


He started making Sparta Remixes way back in 2013 on his old channel TJLIZARD PRODUCTIONS. It was called "Sid trips on a Rock (Sparta Remix)".

In July, he created a channel know as Spartan Dash to upload his remixes on. He has been making remixes ever sense.

Fun Facts

  • He has a Pet Axolotl named Darwin
  • He also made YTP's and cringe inducing Thomas The Tank Engine Videos on his old channel 
  • Despite his name being similar to the pony "Rainbow Dash", He is not a brony. he came up with the name after his mom competed in a race called "The Spartan Dash"
  • His favorite TV Show is Steven Universe, and his favorite characters are Pearl, Amethyst, and Lapis
  • He is currently creating an object show called Object Explosion
  • he also animates for several shows including The Adventures of Steve, Object Invasion, Object Terror, Object Breeze, and Battle for Palace Objects

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