Spartan Dash is a 15 year old youtuber that makes Sparta Remixes, YTPS, YTPMV's, and Animations


He started making Sparta Remixes way back in 2013 on his old channel TJLIZARD PRODUCTIONS. It was called "Sid trips on a Rock (Sparta Remix)".

In July, he created a channel know as Spartan Dash to upload his remixes on. He has been making remixes ever sense, but his upload count began to slow down in 2016 due to him beginning to learn animation

Fun Facts

  • He has a Pet Axolotl named Darwin
  • He also made YTP's and cringe inducing Thomas The Tank Engine Videos on his old channel 
  • Despite his name being similar to the pony "Rainbow Dash", He is not a brony.
  • He likes a number of Shows that are currently running, which include Many Object Shows, Spongebob, Steven Universe, Hanazuki, The Amazing World of Gumball, The Loud House, and Pop Team Epic.
  • He is currently creating an object show called Object Explosion
  • he also animates for a number of object shows including Object Invasion, Object Terror, Entity Warfield, Challenge 2 Win, Cool Insanity, Battle for Palace Objects, Anything Ever, and Existent Conflict.
  • He has a new YTP Account called Subaquatic Gem where he posts trippy styled YTPS