Winterwood Ver. 1

Also known as the very first Winterwood base ever created, this base is special for it's kind because it used 161 BPM for the first time, and being a new MicroSparta base. Winterwood V1 is currently abandoned and people are free to download it's FL Studio Project(.FLP). Nothing special or catchy about that base.

Winterwood Ver. 2

Also known as the best Winterwood of them all, this version included more SFX, better pitches and catchy instruments, that made the base way too better than Winterwood V1. Nothing special, except this base has a remix:

Winterwood Ver. 3

Also known as the worst Winterwood, and the EMPTIEST ever made, this base is completely horrible and you should NOT use it in a remix.

Winterwood Ver. 4

Known as the best outro in a 161 BPM base, this base is not as special as V2, which rivals V2 by 8.7/10 against 8.9/10. Nothing really special, however, this base is alot harder than V2.

Winterwood Ver. 5

Known as the last Winterwood made, this base is rivaling V4, while V4 is rivaling V2: 8.1/10 --- 8.7/10 --- 8.9/100. V2 is still the best of them rest Winterwoods.

Summerwood Ver. 1

A base that continues Winterwood series. Released on December 18, 2016.

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