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Sparta Remix Wiki is a collaborative website about Keaton World's best techno music creation: the Sparta Remix! Founded in 2009 by jedi787plus, it has been adopted by Zakawer1 in 2012, and most lately by palettepony895 and The Amazing Kai~ in 2015.

About Sparta Remix Wiki

Here you will find info about not just the original "This Is Sparta!" remix spawned by the godfather of the Sparta Remix, keatonkeaton999, but also its most famous derivatives and variations by some of the most prominent Sparta remixers in the YouTube world, like Tachin1994, supdawg444, RAVAGE656, and MatrixMarioX.

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We currently have 332 articles on this Wiki, help us expand our existing ones!

If you are a Sparta remixer made of epic win (subject to verification), feel free to join and collaborate; Zakawer1, the adopter wants these articles needed: (1) what is a Sparta remix; (2) different parts that comprise a Sparta remix (Chorus and Epicness done); (3) different types of Sparta remixes/bases (including links to their bases, whether they're free or not); (4) profiles of famous Sparta remixers, with concise lists of their most famous works; maybe (5) the most used (and most abused) media sources for Sparta remixes; and finally (6) some comprehensive history of the Sparta Remix phenomenon (fad, meme, or whatever you want to call it).



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