Sparta Pulse Base is a base created by Jario. It contained many new creative pitch patterns and different versions of each one. There are currently 7 versions (6 of them being officially made by Jario) and other custom versions made by other Sparta remixers.


Sparta Pulse Base V1

V1 was released May of 2014. It contained many of the basic patterns, including the well known D_F#_G_F#_ pitch.

Sparta Pulse Base V2

V2 was released in June of 2014. It had a few new patterns that was inserted into the base. It was also extended by one extra pattern and another epicness pattern.

Sparta Pulse Base V3

V3 was released in March of 2015. It had many instrument adjustments, and the awesomeness 1 changed a bit.

Sparta Pulse Base V4

V4 was released in May of 2015. It had a volume balancing fix.

Sparta Pulse Base V5

V5 was released in June of 2015. It had more instrument adjustments, with the madness patterns being fixed.

Sparta Pulse Base V6

V6 was released in August of 2015. It had even more adjustments, a fixed hit instrument, and the removal of the original base patterns used, including "TS404 Distorted" and the Vanguard epicness.

Sparta Pulse Base V7

V7 was released in 23 October of 2015. It had again more adjustments, a new pattern and it was extended too. It's the final version of the base.


Sparta Pulse V7 (by Alex the Savior)

"Welcome to Hotel O.J

"Welcome to Hotel O.J.!" - Sparta Pulse V7 (UOE) Remix

Release of the unofficial Pulse V7

There was an unofficial Pulse V7 Base. The FLP was edited to make the Pulse remix sound different then the other versions. It was completely different however it was spot on still had the same feeling as the others did. It is unknown when an official Pulse V7 will be made or confirmed by Jario.

Custom versions

A lot of people made their own versions of the Sparta Pulse Base, and they sounds different or better than the original base.

Sparta Pulse Remix -ATS-

Made by Alex The Savior. He made a V2 and a V3 too of this custom base.

Sparta Pulse Remix SDGV

Made by So Doomed.

Sparta Pulse SDE Mix

Made by Spartan Dash.

Sparta Pulse STFCX Edition

Made by -Francex-.

Sparta Multi-Pulse Remix

A Mashup base made by Papper324XD

Sparta Pulse HdLX Edition Base

Made by Teh36thSpartan

Sparta Pulse Base TES

Made by Cloud-Seroku

Sparta Pulse Base -GG Edition-

Made by GlamorousGermanSpartan. He made a V2 that sounds better than V1.

Sparta Pulse Base oguzkan1200 Edition

Made by oguzkan

Sparta Pulse CDF Base

Made by Camy02mix.


-1500+ Subs- Rarity - "What Did You Do?!" -Sparta Pulse V2 Remix-

-1500+ Subs- Rarity - "What Did You Do?!" -Sparta Pulse V2 Remix-

Release of Pulse V2

12 New Sparta Bases!

12 New Sparta Bases!

Release of Pulse


-I.I. 2- Balloon - "Oh, Come On!" -Sparta Pulse V3 Remix-

Release of Pulse V3

Three New Sparta Bases!

Three New Sparta Bases!

Release of Pulse V4

3- Battle for Dream Island has a Sparta Jario V2 Remix

3- Battle for Dream Island has a Sparta Jario V2 Remix

Release of Pulse V6

Peridot - "I'll be sure to add that to my notes

Peridot - "I'll be sure to add that to my notes." -Sparta Pulse V7 Remix-

Release of Pulse V7

Balloon - "Oh, Come On!" -Sparta Pulse V5 Remix-

Balloon - "Oh, Come On!" -Sparta Pulse V5 Remix-

Release of Pulse V5