Sparta Duel

For a Sparta Duel IRL look up the movie "300"

A Sparta Duel is when two or more sparta remixers "duel" in rounds to see who can make more epic sparta remixes.


The rules are simple

  • You and your opponent(s) must decide on how many rounds to duel.
  • You must make one sparta remix for each round per person.
  • You must make your sparta remix epic and/or have some sort of freestyle pattern.
  • You have to put "[Sparta Duel]" at the beginning of the video. To inform people that it's part of a sparta duel.

Famous Sparta Duels

One of the most famous sparta duels was Teh93rdSpartan vs. CuttNSee. Teh93rdSpartan made one of the most epic sparta remixes, Shut up Tails [Sparta Hyper Remix V2].

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