“I'm Unfortunately So Doomed!”
So Doomed
So Doomed (born March 23) is a Sparta Remixer who joined YouTube on Aug 6, 2015, left the community on March 26, 2016 and then returned in the end of 2017. He's also a Sparta Base maker.


So Doomed started doing sparta remixes in 2011/2012, and he trained when he had time constantly. His first Sparta Remixes were made with a program called Windows Movie Maker. He made only a few of Sparta Remixes with that program. After some time, he started to use Sony Vegas Pro and he followed Aduburyus' tutorials. After different years, he decided to finally open a channel on YouTube and upload his first remixes made ​​with Sony Vegas ("Your Wife is Not Real - Sparta Remix" and "Mr Bean has a Sparta Overdrive V4 Remix"). From there he met Teh Albino Spartan, another sparta remixer, who introduced him to the majority of the community of sparta remixers.

Shortly after, So Doomed began to create (with the help of a close friend) Custom Bases with Fl Studio. He started to make mashup bases too.

He created a compilation of Sparta Remix where he inserted the best sparta remixes of the year. The edition of the year 2015 is called "Sparta Remix 2015", which was divided in two parts: the first one was released on 5th September, and the second one (fail to render) was released on 2nd January, 2016.

On 27th September 2015, So Doomed (with Quack Addict as the second judge) announced the Sparta Custom Base Contest, a contest where the partecipants had to make an original custom base. On 10th October 2015, the contest was closed and the winners were announced in a video. Many custom bases contests were hosted later by different remixers.

On March 26 2016, So Doomed announced his retirement from sparta remixes, but then returned in the end of 2017 after a long pause from the internet. He currently makes Sparta Remixes, Bases and Comparisons. He created a new edition of his Sparta Remix compilation for the year 2017, called "Sparta Remix 2017".

So Doomed's is currently hosting a second Custom Base Contest.


All the custom and mashup bases made by So Doomed: