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Sanjeev Srivatsan (also known as TehSanjeevSpartan) is a sparta remixer that joined in 2013. He has been improving throughout his time making sparta remixes. His first remix was "Windows 2000 and XP Sparta Extended Remix" He was originally trained by TehJamaicanSpartan in 2014. He has a few alts which are Sanjeev Reupload (reupload channel). TheSpartan99 (original channel).


Sanjeev Srivatsan started off with really off-timing remixes. He didn't know how the bpm ruler trick works, so the chorus at this time was off-timing.

(EPIC) Here's To Change - Sparta NO BGM remix (ft00:22

(EPIC) Here's To Change - Sparta NO BGM remix (ft. Windows XP and Windows 2000)

In 2014 TehJamaicanSpartan helped Sanjeev Srivatsan improve his timing, and till then he has made great timing remixes.

In mid-2014 he started doing pitch which was off and sounded bad, until John Quacks made his tutorial to help him with his pitch In late-2014. He also knew what Melodyne was. He also made his first and His best

-Preview- The Very first and best "Here's to Change" Sparta Remix on Youtube00:33

-Preview- The Very first and best "Here's to Change" Sparta Remix on Youtube

collab which was "[COLLAB Get out Mr.Bean! Sparta Awesome Remix]" with John Quacks and TehJamaicanSpartan.

He has quitted multiple times, due to dislikes and people hating him, In December 2014 he has decided to quit doing Sparta Remixes and start doing YTPMV's,

Since February 2015, He hasn't been active on his channel. He recently returned in August 2015.

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