Sampling is a term that describes how an audio effect can be changed to form a "pitch" or "perc" sample. There are many programs and methods for sampling, but alot of debates occur about whether some of these methods are "fake" or not.

A fake sample is simply doesn't sound like the original, unedited audio. These should be avoided as they usually sound bad and are considered dishonest ways of obtaining samples. This term is also used in the YTPMV community.

Aduburyus is the only sparta remixer who never failed in sampling.

Sampling Methods

The following table lists the different sampling methods, and whether they are acceptable in the Sparta and YTPMV community. This will may be debated, so please state opinions in a civilized manner.

Program Sampling Method Acceptable in Sparta Community? Acceptable in YTPMV Community?
Any suitable audio editor Basic pitch shift Yes Yes
Any suitable audio editor Super Stretch Yes No
Melodyne Flattening pitch "curves" Yes


Melodyne Sample editing Yes No
FL Studio Vocodex Debated No
Fl Studio SoundGoodizer Debated No
Any suitable audio editor Replacing with another sample No No
Vegas Monophonic Yes Partially
Any suitable audio editor Crossfade Yes Yes
Any suitable audio editor EQ (Equalization) Yes Yes
Any suitable audio editor Looping (audio sample less than a frame long) Unknown No

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