Please do not take this seriously. This was only meant to be a joke. The wiki was completely destroyed when this was made. It's been in cleanup since.


Are you really new to sparta remixes? Your welcome! Follow these lengthy rules!

  1. Copy every original idea that comes out of the community.
  2. Copy jokes from other remixers that is not like you.
  3. Overuse reverb on your sparta remixes and you will become the new NPCMaster3304.
  4. Use vibrato EVERY SINGLE TIME and you will become Teh Pekos.
  5. Always criticize every sparta remix.
  6. Use overused freestyles.
  7. Use overused bases.
  8. Use overused pitch patterns.
  9. Create Sparta alts.
  10. Always respect Aduburyus as the god of the community, or you will die.
  11. If you use any source other then BFDI, SpongeBob, MLP, FNAF, or any original idea from remixers, you're instantly suck.
  12. If you don't use Melodyne, Vocodex, KeroVee, Granular Synthesis (WHATEVA!), BitSpeak, G-Snap, Auto-Tune Evo, fake pitch, fake percs, Audacity, and Newtone YOU SUCK
  13. If you don't use FL Studio for making sparta bases, YOU INSTANTLY SUCK
  14. If you delete this page, you're BANNED from sparta.
  15. If you're Aduburyus, then you're instantly good.
  16. Make remixes without harmony. Really, what's a good remix with harmony?
  17. Always use fake pitch and fake percs, It makes you the best sparta remixer ever.
  18. Jackoy123, Spartan Object, LuigiTheSpartan, Tycho TheSpartan, and JPeGames En are the best Sparta Remixers. Krasen is the best remixer of all.
  19. Kill SamarcoHD.
  20. Agree to rules #19, 21, 22, and 26.
  21. .VEG replacing makes you super epic.
  22. Adding a base to another remix makes it instantly yours.
  23. Be sarcastic in the community as always.
  24. EpicRemix 0_o
  25. Use overused Gross Beat patterns.
  26. Hate on sparta remixers and remixes for no reason. ~ SamarcoHD
  27. Always ask pitch patterns from other sparta remixers instead of using your ears to identify pitch patterns.
  28. Always copy every sparta remix, even the pitches that you're inspired from ~ Spartan Dash
  29. Want to get back at someone? Request on "Requests Channel" to say it out loud for you.
  30. Always use youtubemultiplier to make parisons.
  31. Nice!
  32. If you make a NO BGM sparta remix, make sure it isn't empty or it would suck.
  33. Overuse Wax 2.0, Boris, NewBlueFX, 3D Source Alpha, Cookie Cutter visuals, Checkerboard, Sony Vegas preset backgrounds, Track Motion, Masking, and Boris FX sphere effects. Sparta remixers will see it as epic visuals.
  34. If a source/quote exists, there's a sparta remix of it. No exceptions.
  35. If there's no sparta remix of it, it will be made.
  36. If someone makes a joke video, take the video seriously and dislike.
  37. Overuse 32nd note samples, 32nd note triplet samples, and half-32nd note samples, you will become the new GSR.
  38. Always upload a joke collab entry from a serious sparta remix collab.
  39. Autotuning and Arppegios/Arps makes you the epic-est sparta remixer ever.
  40. To make epic sparta record yourself running around singing sparta remix ~SMG200
  41. Use Windows Movie Maker only.
  42. Use Samples from pinhead.veg ONLY, even the arps.
  43. epci
  44. When making a sparta remix collab part using the Sparta Collab Mix base, always copy the Hap Hu Sparta Remix, it makes your part the best.
  45. Make troll vids EVERY SINGLE TIME, and make very less serious vids, you will become the new EdgyJelly, Aduburyus, or PiaNO!.
  46. If you don't like sparta remixes anymore, delete your channel and delete all your videos.
  47. Flagging a channel is the ultimate answer to terminate sparta remixers that annoys you (just like Matt Conagher did to Teh Pekos).
  48. Make 18 part collabs.
  49. Pitch 1 or Pitch 2????
  50. "Sparta Remixes are YTPMVs" ~ Aduburyus
  51. Make Sparta parisons that are incompatible with each other.
  52. Be immature at criticism.
  53. Always use epic visuals in your remixes.
  54. Be impatient while masking.
  55. If the video is a reupload, comment "Nice Remix!" as always.
  56. Always believe that the community will die just because of stupid things.
  57. Overuse Antimatter, GvT99, Pulse, Collab, and DreamCloud's Awesomness pitch patterns.
  58. Use percs as pitch.
  59. If you see a sparta kid that can't handle negative criticisms, use sarcasm because sparta kids see it as a nice comment not noticing its the other way around.
  60. "Before everybody starts freaking out over the pitch it is NOT FAKE! i used granular synthesis ok! thats kinda cheating but WATEVA!" ~Spartan Dash
  61. "why are u so bad at timing. I thought you quit the sparta remix community" ~ToonEugen6812
  62. germanglimmer likes to lick satan pussy
  63. "Fail to render. Nothing is in the video except, the intro." ~TehKoreanSpartan
  64. more pitch = MORE EPIC!!!!!!!!!1!; not enough pitch = very lame and boring - the logic of the community.
  65. Make very generic sparta remixes.
  66. john quacks sucks
  67. Follow @omgtehepicness for shit spartan posts

Follow these rules, and you will become a Aduburyus-Esque remixer instantly in no time! Also, welcome to the community, bitch

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