RocketPolo is a sparta remixer that joined in Jan 9, 2017. He is a newcomer to the community and hasn't made so many remixes. But he originally made sparta remixes in early 2016, tho they were not on YouTube because he thought he wasn't good enough to be "offically" a remixer in the community.

Polo's first remix was called " OJ - What Happened!?! Sparta Paystyle Remix" in 2016 (still not on YouTube and will never be on YouTube). The remix is godawful. The pitch was really off. The timing was bad. It was awful. After watching a bunch of tutorials on Sparta's. He made his 10th remix " Patrick - Living like larry! Sparta Convoice Remix" (still not uploaded). The remix was alot better than his old ones. Still pretty bad but was an improvement.

4 - Part Multi-Source Sparta Extended Remix Collab!

4 - Part Multi-Source Sparta Extended Remix Collab!

On Jan 9, 2017, RocketPolo joined YouTube know as "SavrolTheSpartan/SavrolTheVulcan". His first published remix was " Cody - Sparta Extended V2 TGS Remix ". Which is deleted from his channel but he still has the MP4 of it. He has melodyne now and he is much better. He even host a collab that was really good to his viewers. Featuring David Sparps, CurtisTRY, and Phantom.

Polo's real name is Ethan and he lives in the United States in Pennsylvania P.A. He is 13 and a half years old and his friends are Alex The Savior, PotatoOverlord9000, CurtisTRY, and lolster999.

Things he has done:

  • Learned better pitch thanks to John Quacks
  • Gotten better timing thanks to Aduburyus's video
  • Torrented Melodyne thanks to PirateBay
  • Torrented Sony Vegas 12 thanks to PirateBay