Programs are video editors that are used by Sparta Remixers for making Sparta Remixes of any type. Some Programs are well used by awesome Sparta Remixers such as Jario. However, with every good Program, there's Bad Programs, used by Bad Sparta Remixers.

List of notable programs

The following is a list of programs used by Sparta Remixers, their prices, and their ranks listed from worst to best.

  • Your Own Voice - You - -3920/10: It is advised to not used this as there will be consequences, such as being hated by many Sparta Remixers.
  • Windows Live Movie Maker/Windows Movie Maker (XP VER.) - Free - 0/10: Not advised. Should be kept away from at all times.
  • Pixitracker - Free - 3/10: Gets the job done, but used by inexperienced Sparta Remixers so while being usable, it is a mediocre choice.
  • Audacity - Free - 7/10: Amazing turnouts, but however, it's hard to get the timing right and no video visuals. Still, amazing choice.
  • Sony Vegas - ~$300 - 10/10: A recommended choice as it is facile to manage the timing, and can make visuals. However, crashes sometimes often.
  • Adobe Premiere - Possibly more expensive than Sony Vegas - 6/10: I haven't tried it, but I heard some people use it, and Premiere is used to make like amazing things rather then Sony Vegas (#skellingtonsrevenge), so I'd give it the extra 0.2 points. If you don't know how to crack it, just get HitFilm 4 Express. It works like premiere, its neat to use, and its free. There are also paid versions, but nothing much is different.

Examples of Each Program

Voice: Isn't it obvious that it's as bad as your broken childhood.






Base Maker Software

Programs are also used to make Sparta Bases. The following is a list of programs used by Sparta Base Makers.

  • FL Studio - recommended, bases are often made with this.
  • Sony Vegas - Mashups can be made with this, however, with enough precision, bases made with samples can be made with this.
  • Ableton

Pitch Software

If you are making Sparta Remixes and if you want a program to pitch, these are the worst to best programs.

  • Vocodex - It's okay, but it's being debated right now if it is acceptable or not, due to complaints about it being used for fake pitching ?/10
  • Audacity - It's going to get good. 5/10
  • Sony Vegas - Gives good results if used properly. 6,5/10
  • GarageBand - UranusRemixer uses GarageBand to make pitch and it sounds like Melodyne. So, 7,5/10
  • Melodyne - Gives bad results if you use it incorrectly or it gives really good results if you use it correctly and properly. 8,5/10
  • FL Studio Effects (Such as SoundGoodizer, Phaser,Newtone, YOU WA SHOCK and even FL Porta) - Gives insanely amazing results for the samples such as the chords,hits, bass or even the pitches if used correctly and properly. 10/10

There aren't anymore programs listed on this section? List them above (^) by editing the page or ask suggestions on the comments bellow (v).

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