Popcorn na
"the great cocpron"
Vital statistics
Name Popcorn
Gender Male
Country United States
Status Semi-active
Date joined 1.4.15
Date left /
First base Sparta Hyper-Final-Madhouse Base
First remix V2 of Teh Albino Spartan's Windows 95 baseless remix

Popcorn is a 13-year old male American Sparta Remixer who joined Jan 4, 2015. He currently makes Sparta bases and releases them on his Soundcloud (

Rules about Popcorn

  • Cover my bases perfectly. And make em quiet.
  • Don't eat the sandwich.
  • If it's got no visuals, or the visuals are fucked, the only thing that matters is if the audio is good.
  • I'm the only one who's allowed to be the salty shit. Don't act like a bitch without my permission.

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