Vital statistics
Name PhatBeat
Gender Male
Country Colombia
Status Active
Date joined May 14th 2016
Date left December 2nd 2016 (went in a temporary inactivity, returned later in January 15th 2017)
First base N/A
First remix Toothy has a Sparta HSM Remix

PhatBeat is a colombian Sparta Remixer. He's one of the remixers who learned quickly to make sparta remixes and keeps trying his best to improve. His channel can be found here:


PhatBeat started in mid May, using Sony Vegas Pro 11. He wanted to use a base of 140 BPM, but he had difficulties, so he tried remixing with 150 BPM, and he was successful, he got the timing almost correct, and so, he created his first Sparta Remix, called "Toothy has a Sparta HSM Remix", which was a very simple remix with only chorus. At the next day, in his second remix, which is also the most popular remix from him so far, he learned about the non-flickering trick and the percussions. In his third remix, created one week later, he learned about the "Quantize to Frames" thing, and soon, he discovered the reason of why he had trouble making remixes of a different BPM than 150, but still, he made another simple remix with 150 BPM, and his timing improved softly. Another week later, he learned about 4x4 visuals, KingSpartaX37's madness freestyle, and Pitch (Spartan Dash's way), and made a remix applying all of the stuff he learned, and finally using a base of 140 BPM. When making a collab with Aquatic Remixer, he also used Melodyne pitch, and so, he learned how to make pitch with Melodyne.

On June 16th 2016, he opened a channel named "PhatBeat's Extras", which served for reuploads and scrapped remixes, and later on, he uploaded his first scrapped remix there.

So far, he participated in 2 collabs, and his most popular remix so far is called "Tinky Winky has a Sparta CyberD3ath's Creations Remix".


  • He's not a fan of fake pitch, although some of the remixes he likes use fake pitch.
  • He doesn't seem to be a big fan of visuals going over 5x5 due to a huge lag that can be caused.
  • His two favorite Sparta Remixerx are 09noahjohn, as he's one of the remixers who keeps his remixes simple and doesn't go overboard with Pitch like other ones do, and Talon, as he makes unique pitch patterns.
  • He's not a fan of Pulse bases.
  • He doesn't like following the trend, although he enjoys much of Sparta Remixes using Spongebob and Inanimate Insanity sources.
  • Harley201 and Phantom RMW are his best Sparta Remixer friends.
  • He uses to give lots of hints to other remixers so they can improve.
  • He doesn't use to hate anything but the immature children that insult everyone without conscience.
  • He dislikes overusing stuff such as patterns, bases or sources.
  • His first scrapped remix was also his first remix in Spanish.
    • It was also his first remake of a remix from another remixer, in this case, Thenano Pony.

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