OpticalPlays' Youtube icon.
Vital statistics
Name OpticalPlays
Gender Male
Country USA
Status Active
Date joined April 2016
Date left Unknown
First base
First remix the first total drama ridonculous race sparta remix on youtube!

OpticalPlays is a 12 year old (turning 13 soon) sparta remixer who started remixing in April 2016.


  • Pokemon
  • Total Drama
  • Sparta Remixes
  • Other stuff

Social Media

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His alt

His discord (Invite link)

Sparta Bases (Mashups)

Sparta Pokemon Mix

Sparta Defusion Mix

History (really long)


He started his new youtube channel on October 2014, as "FannysPokemon1938." Which eventually led him to change his name to OpticalPlays on accident. He then liked the name and grew to it.



Optical discovers remixing, but doesn't know how to do it, he enjoys it and uses his liked videos as a liked sparta remix videos playlist. He likes the remixes "No it's not.. - Sparta Remix" and "NEVER!! - Sparta Altis Remix"


He makes a Liked Sparta Remix video playlist. He presents it to his friends in a skype chat. However they all hesitate.



He uploads his first ever video to Youtube.

April 5th

He uploads a failed remix (like his current remixes) of the ridonculous race, where there is no audio, but only the base. The video goes on audio-less with the base for 2 minutes until at the end it says "this is not a remix" in big white letters.

April 15th

He finds out the pattern for remixing, gets the hang of it, but doesn't know the chorus and the base should be the bottom tracks. So visuals are glitched. He didn't know that at the time.

April 21st

He finishes the remix, however, it's very bad.

May - September

Optical gains more and more subscribers and makes more sparta remixes, however, his remixes are downright TERRIBLE. He doesn't have melodyne and he doesn't know most of the pitches, though, he still improves regardless of off and bad pitch.


He finally gains 300 subs and GETS MELODYNE! He starts making actual good pitch and good chorus.


He improves some more, not much to say here.


He celebrates 2017 with his friends and makes a remix to celebrate.


Drama happens, which leads to him being disliked by alot of people, but evantually, it is resolved.

Multisource- "This is sparta" (Sparta Nameless Remix)01:06

Multisource- "This is sparta" (Sparta Nameless Remix)

His best remix so far.


He improves and gets even better on his remixes, with freestyles and such. Though, he is kicked from Alex's server.

All information written by OpticalPlays. Please do not edit the information without notifying him. Thank you.

Copyright © OpticalPlays 2014 - 2017.

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