Template:Infobox Oliver (more known as VigorousOnda) is a swedish sparta remixer. 


Started remixing under the name Animation Field (March 2015 - December 2016). Most of them were just short remixes, only containing chorus. They are now deleted from Youtube.

Made his first full remix in July 2015, again only chorus. Though including epicness and madness pattern, they were off timing.

Didnt do more until December 2015, with a new full remix and it continued through till March 2017, switching channels to Oliver (Animation Field renamed VigorousOnda December 2016 - Today)


Base making started already in July 2014, though only using the normal pitch pattern. Started with just doing mashups from January 2015 - November 2015. Started making normal bases again in April 2016, and has developed since. Most noticable bases included are for example Aviation V1-V3 and Upsilon OJCE.