The Sparta OMGWTFBBQ Remix was constructed by FartknockerStudios. He had announced that it had been made with FOUR SONGS mashed-up.

FartknockerStudios is Death ( )

These following songs are:

  • VengaBoys (We Like To Party) [AKA Six flags song] (Beginning and chorus)
  • Juggernog Song [Call of Duty: World at War song] (chorus)


  • FartknockerStudios created this song on August 6, 2009, claiming it was a special for school starting back up the next day.
  • He has created this song using Acid Music Studio 7.0.
  • He says this is his favorite Sparta base he has created.
  • He has used this base for two of his Sparta remixes including the "Dr. Octagonapus" one and the "Spongebob" one.
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