NorskMario (aka Mario6913) is a Norwegian Sparta Remixer. As well as Sparta Remixes, he has also made Youtube Poops and YTPMVs.


NorskMario started making Sparta Remixes with only the chorus. As he progressed and improved, he gradually added more elements to his remixes, starting off with basic pitch and perc.

He soon started gaining some ground after Alex had released his "Robot!" collab, being part 13 of the collab. People had now gone to his channel, leading him to achieve almost 2K subscribers.

NorskMario doesn't upload very often though, as of his current state he uploads around once a month. He has been featured in many collabs as of late, becoming one like DangoOlreala with only working on collabs.


  • Mario makes his own electronic music, with his first EP "the remix apocalypse" not gaining as much popularity within the community as he had wanted. His first full album, "whatismusic", released on May 19th, 2018, with mostly positive reviews, noting how his understanding of electronic music made it fun to listen to.