Nebby the Spartan
Nebby when he won t get in the bag by trapspring-darrm0j
Vital statistics
Name Nebby the Spartan
Gender Male
Country Ecuador
Status Active
Date joined Unknown
Date left Unknown
First base None
First remix
Nebby the Spartan is a Ecuatorian Sparta Remixer


He is described as a mysterious Sparta Remixer who is central to the plot of Sparta Remix. He assists Mr.ASpartaX37 and his friend, chicoesparta76 for personal reasons. He dislikes Bad quotes, but he is so curious, he is also 10 years old.


  • His mother helps him in Sparta Remix creation to get good timing
  • His best friend is Mr.ASpartaX37, and also, he is his support partner.
  • He supports chicoesparta76.
  • Sometimes comments on chicoesparta76's videos.
  • He uses Cosmog as profile picture because his friend Mr.ASpartaX37 uses Lillie as profile picture whereby they have own papers.

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