MrGian22nd is a 13-year-old Sparta Remixer/Pooper/YTPMVer.


He started making Sparta Remix since about late 2011. His first remix was probably "Goodbye Kitty - Sparta Party Hard Remix." which is at first, he didn't know about BPM ruler and quantizing to frames at all. Until he had got advice from Teh34thSpartan and iteachvader's tutorial, he finally made his really first perfect remix called "Fluttershy- Yay! [Sparta Victory V1.5 Remix]."

His avatar was orange pony with black mane and tail. (Actually it was the ponified form of Goda Takeshi, one of his favorite characters in Doraemon.)

One of his best remix before he's got perfect timing was "[Open Sparta Duel/Early 25 Subs Special] Pen has a Sparta Poison Remix." At that time Poison base, which belonged to MrRiyku, had just released a few days ago.

One of his remix called "Mastermax888 [Sparta ViscountX37's Creation Remix] Ft.Pewdiepie and Tobuscus" was appeared in "Your moment Ep.10" by Mastermax888. Max himself was very proud of it.

In his account (MrGian22nd),he created a Sparta Remix for about one week in vain until when Teh34thSpartan gave advice to him.

After then he trained himself about Vibrato from Dragonslayer9941's tutorial in 2013, this was his turning point to become the second person who emphasized Vibrato. {First was Aduburyus, then third, Teh Pekos (at that time he wasn't epic.), then latest, HuisOma.}

He was one of the remixers who used Sonic's characters. By list



List of Remixers Character of that person used
Aduburyus Sonic
MaxiisTyLe Shadow
DreamLandSpartan Knuckles
MrGian22nd Tails
BaslesPad Silver

HisNote: This was arranged consecutively.

He'd got the 5th prize of Oguzkan's Sparta Remix contest (2013).

But the sad story began, he killed himself in the beginning of 2014. His last remix before died was "Teh Very Best of Multisource [Sparta Endurance Remix]." because of his busy and heavy study, also he was going to be the secondary student at that time. (He declared this before he closed.)

The22nd - MrGian22nd in 2015

Even though he deleted his account. (with only at least one copyright strike had got.) He still was a watcher who followed the community in the time of post-death-of-MrGian. He saw that after he left, the community became worse. So, he was one of the only survivors from this cancerous incident. Then on April 7, 2015, he decided he would return again, and created his new account called "The22nd."


His current profile picture

He changed in way more epic than his old account was. His really first epic-visual Sparta Remix was "SPINGEBILL DASH 14TH (Entry for Spartan Dash's Spongebob Sparta Dark Heart Remix.)" which contained 3D Source Alpha and Parent Motion Track.

Also he finally changed his avatar into the character of green-skinned with two-brown-tone hair, with his star symbol.

He started to interest in YTP and YTPMV in this year, and many people who do one of these accepted him. His really first YTP was "[YTP] FyarGyill travels in the Internet land." which actually it would be for NationOfOranges696's Garfield YTP Collab. And his really first YTPMV was probably "M83 - Midnight Sources." (by the time he still used 140-BPM ruler and from his former account.)


  1. He uses Sony Vegas Pro 11 (With his old account, he used 10.)
  2. Even though he uses SV11, it accepts BCC, NewBlueFX and GenArt Sapphire.
  3. His timezone is GMT+7. (Indochina Time) So when he meets his friends on Skype,(mostly) in the morning: PiaNO!/Alex The Savior, Monti (TehMontananSpartan), Quack Addict, and many from North America and South America, and (mostly) in the evening to night: Teh Pekos, EpicRemix 0_o, So Doomed, GlamorusGermanSpartan, and many from Europe, Asia and Australia.
  4. He participated in "The New Rick Rolled Collab 2" by shikari2012cc. This was his first time to be in the collab.
  5. He had just got Skype on August 22, 2015.
  6. His favorite cartoons are SpongeBob, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (but he seldom watches it.), The Amazing World of Gumball, Family Guy, The Simpsons, South Park (by especially in the past.),etc. But he ONLY DISLIKES Uncle Grandpa.
  7. His favorite Animes are Doraemon (by especially), Reborn (in the past), Sugar Sugar Rune (in the past), Kiniro Mosaic (he favors it since he participated in Internabang's Kmos Collab.), YuruYuri (for only 25% and remarked that KMos wasn't too stupid like it.), Haiyore! Nyaruko-San (somewhat),etc. But he ONLY DISLIKES Kill Me Baby, he said that it was idiot and stupid indeed.
  8. He was the first person who used Doraemon as the source for Sparta Remix.
  9. He hates annoyance from someone and improper and unfair and ironic criticize.
  10. He NEVER uses Original Base for making an entire Sparta Remix.
  11. He NEVER goes abroad.
  12. His most favorite thing in his mind is "Periodic Table of Elements."
  13. On top of his English, he also sometimes uses Japanese, Chinese, a bit French and a bit Spanish.