Mr.ASpartaX37, is a Colombian Sparta Remixer, who makes Sparta Remix of his favorite shows and animes.

The featured Sparta Remix that he makes are from his favorite shows: Kick Buttowski: Suruban Darevil, Angry Birds Toons, Kid vs Kat, Pokémon (Any season), SMG4's videos whereby he is his favorite Mario Bros flash animator, shows were transmitted on the extinct Jetix, and some Disney Cartoons as Future Worm, Phineas and Ferb, and some animes with japanese dub as Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream whereby is the featured anime.

Also, his Sparta Remix had Close Caption, but some ones had the Fatality scenes on the final of the video.

His first OC is Lucianacifer, but is a female OC, soon he will do a male OC, probality he will make himself 

Name Origin

His name may be a combination of the words:

Mr.A; His nickname of Pokémon Y in real life.

SpartaX37; Comes from the "KingSpartaX37" name.


In 2011, he watched sparta remixes when he played one of his favorite videogames called Pokémon. Also, he watches the anime, Kid vs Kat and Kick Buttowski sparta remixes.

The only sparta remix of Kid vs Kat he watched is by Marcelo Canario, and the only Kick Buttowski sparta remix he watched is by Roblox3dflash. At 2015, he made lots of sparta remixes of his favorite shows, which are mentioned above.

In 2016 he met a sitting form who the butt is on the floor and the legs are bent backwards on each side of the body, the Wariza.

And he started to like that sitting form, but in female characters and not in male characters or transvestite characters.

On July 2016 when he is busy, he make a Boyster Sparta Remix, and he says this show was the replacement of Le Monde de Pahé when the episode Atrapame si puedes (Catch me if you can) is deleted from Youtube, also, when the Pokémon XYZ season is released on Latin America, Mr.ASpartaX37 used one of Angry Dummy's bases whereby he like it so much and also, he met Angry Dummy and currently he is used one of his bases.

Starting his drawings

In April 2017, he is doing drawings now as Namy Gaga and MissSpartanX14Remixor, that means he is going to be an artist, and uploading his drawings on his deviantart account, the first one was Goombminion (Goomba + The Minions of Despicable Me) and Lillie whereby she is from Pokémon Sun and Moon, but in Wariza, he is starting to make drawings with Paint Tool, practicing the painting, but he is good in the sketches.

He also makes drawings of her female OC, but he also draws another character, youtuber or a friend.

Bases (Originals)

  1. Sparta Wariza Mix
  2. Sparta Memento Mix
  3. Sparta Tripnooo Diamond Mix
  4. Sparta Primpall Mix (Coming Soon)
  5. Sparta Soka Mix (Coming Soon)

His best Sparta Remix (On a playlist)

This is the best Sparta Remixes in which he does, and considers the best that it has done

  • [Sparta Nemesis Biohazards Creations Remix] Pokémon XYZ - Lysandre: No tienes derecho!!
  • [Request] [Sparta Remix] Porque nadie me dijo que era una estúpida idea!!
  • [Sparta Megaton Remix] Pokémon XYZ - Alain: Mentiroso, mentiroso!!
  • [Sparta Nameless ZOE Remix] Mr.ASpartaX37 imitando a Donut (BFDI) (He made a sparta remix himself on his early birthday special)
  • [Sparta Painis Mix] Pokémon XYZ - Wulfric: Mi hielo, lo rompiste!!
  • [Sparta Twivine Sparkle Mix] POKEMON SUN & MOON - MÉTETE ALA BOLSA!! - ANIMACION
  • Pokémon Sol y Luna - Lulú tiene un Sparta Loyalty Free Remix
  • [Sparta Duel] [Sparta Nameless Remix TBM7SE] Pokémon Sol y Luna - Lylia se asusta
  • Pokémon XYZ - Blandito tiene un Sparta Hyper v1.5 Remix (V2)
  • [Sparta Etheral Remix] Pokémon Sol y Luna - Ash Ketchum: Ay madre!!
  • [Especial de Año Nuevo] [Sparta Gamma Mix] Gusano del Futuro - Danny Douglas: Tráenos esa Pizza
  • [Sparta Barbwire Mix] Rumble Guillermo Jack
  • [Especial de Navidad] Este Sparta DPC Mix contiene mis creaciones del 2016
  • [Sparta Cooperation Remix] Cheetah Paw/Aria Blaze: OH MIERKOLEZ!!
  • [Sparta Metal Gear Mix] Inanimate Insanity II - Lightbulb's SpazOut
  • [Sparta DTM Remix] Inanimate Insanity II - Balloon: Oh Come On!
  • [Sparta Dark Legacy Mix] Kick Buttowski - Kendall Perkins: ¿Ya me entendieron?
  • [Sparta UFO Mix] Pokémon Negro y Blanco - Bianca: Eso es muy injusto!!
  • [Sparta Mixus Remix] Como Hermanos - Seb grita noooo!
  • [Sparta Rick Roll Mix] Pokémon XYZ - Bonnie Cantando (Ft. Blandito)
  • [Sparta HV Mix] Pokémon Destinos Rivales - Ash Ketchum : ¿Y a ti que te pica?
  • [Sparta Paystyle Remix] Pokémon Destinos Rivales - Stephan: Mi Nombre es Stephan!!
  • [Sparta Corrupted Mix] Boyster el chico ostra - Boyster grita como Hacerlo!!
  • Pokémon XY - Serena tiene un Sparta Autumn SDE Mix
  • [Sparta Duel] Pokémon XYZ - La Pokédex de Kalos dice que no hay datos en este Sparta Enraged Remix
  • [Sparta Boobs Remix] Boyster el chico ostra - Boyster: ¿Pero que hice? (His first Boyster Sparta Remix, but the source was recorded with a camera)
  • CrazyVideoGammer tiene un Sparta Dark Heart Mix ~ETERNAL~
  • [Sparta Bipolar Remix] Mario Simulator Interactive - Whomp: Get that motherf*cker (One of the SMG4 sound effects whereby he likes so much)
  • [My Late B-Day Special] [Sparta Madhouse Zozey Edition Remix] Pokémon XY - Serena: Soy un Florges
  • [Sparta Pinkie Pie Mena Mix] South Park - Butters Stotch: Me rompes las bolas (Is one of his best remix of South Park, but maybe is going copyrighted by Viacom and he is going to reupload it, in his extras channel)
  • [Sparta HV Mix] Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream - Harune Aira sintiendo dolor
  • Pokémon XY - Aria tiene un Sparta HV Mix
  • [Sparta Pulse V3 Mix] Pokémon XY - Serena: ¿Que dijiste?
  • [Sparta Y2K Remix] Pokémon XY - Alexa: Alto!!
  • [Sparta Legacy Mix] Azuki Azusa ¿Una cita? (Remake) (A remake of Spike Spartan's Sparta remix with fail pitch)
  • [Sparta Blissful Serenity Mix] Pokémon XY - Aria: No me decido!!
  • [Sparta Virus Mix] Pokémon XY - Marilyn Flame llorando
  • [Sparta Pluto Mix] Kick Buttowski- Pansy: Aqui esta tu puesto de golosinas,loser
  • [Sparta Shadow Queen Mix] Pokémon XY- Lyn y Bonnie llorando (Based on chicoesparta76's remixes that was for Pinkie Pie crying in Latino Spanish version for KingSpartaX37)
  • [Sparta Venom Dance MIx] Robot Jones: No puedo resolver el cubo
  • Angry Birds Toons- Bomb has a Crying Sparta Venom Mix (V2) (Based on 09noahjohn's remixes the El Mar Verde one saying THEY WERE A GIFT!)
  • Happy Tree Friends-Toothy has a Sparta Dark Heart Mix ~CHAOS~ (Ft.Flaky)

Bases (Mashups)

Sparta Party Passion Base (MASX37 Edition)

Sparta Triple Venom Base

Sparta Wolf I Fied Base (HD)

Sparta DJ Painis Mix

Sparta NCPE Mix

Sparta Triple Diamond Mix

Sparta Rainashimi Solenoid Mix

Sparta LegaSilentPinkExeSugarMoon Mix (MASX37 Edition)

Sparta Triple Overdrive Remix

Sparta Miracle Of Etheral Base

Sparta AmberAnoDiaShyMoon Mix

Sparta Amber Kalimus Base

Sparta Convoice Base (Autentic Edit)

Sparta Doomsday Extended Base

Sparta Snowbelle Base

Sparta Loopraged Mix

Sparta Passionstyle Base

Sparta Sponge Power Base V2

Sparta Party HV Base (Unextended Version)

Sparta Phantom Kartelectro Mix

Sparta Breasty Passion Mix

Sparta Adrenaline Virus Base

Sparta Gammanom Mix

Sparta ILAPiM Base

Sparta Pinkie Pie Mena Base (Remake)

Sparta Virus DrLaSp Mix

Sparta My Sweet Light Base

Sparta Multi - Passion Mix

Sparta Madbonne Mix

Sparta AriaMede Base

Sparta Revenge Time Base

Sparta Brony Chaos Mix (MASX37 Edition)

Sparta Anime TeCaSp Mix

Sparta Creepy Venom Mix

Sparta Lazer Mix (Fixed)

Sparta Valentine Vertex Base

Sparta EndWar Mix (MASX37 Edition)

Sparta EuroVenom Base (MASX37 EditioN)

Favorite Sparta Bases

  • Sparta Venom Mix
  • Sparta HV Mix (Most Used)
  • Sparta Crunch Bandicoot Mix
  • Sparta Valise Mix
  • Sparta Upsilon Mix
  • Sparta Famy Mix
  • Sparta Corrupted Mix
  • Sparta Painis Mix (He used 2 times in a Pokémon Sparta Remixes)

Rejected and copyrighted remixes (In extras channel)

Mr.ASpartaX37 tiene un Sparta Dark Legacy Mix (Upload in 7/12/2016) (Rejected for a Unknown reason)

Este Sparta Hanging On Remix contiene mis creaciones del 2015 (Upload in 09/03/2015) (Before it was available but now erased and rejected because nobody watched that Sparta Remix, and chicoesparta76 stopped to use the Hanging on Base and now he uses the DPC for his special remixes of his creations, because they reuploaded the Pretty Cure remix who is made by KingSpartaX37 and also, he made the base)

[Sparta Pinkie Pie Mena Mix] South Park - Butters Stotch: Me rompes las bolas (Upload in 22/02/2016) (Copyrighted by Viacom or by Comedy Central)

[Sparta Electrostorm Mix] Sonata Dusk- ¿Y tu que sabes de un buen ponche de frutas (Upload in 25/02/2015) (Before avaible but now unlisted for the demise of her favorite dubbing actress Hiromi Hayakawa)


  • Use all KingSpartaX37 Bases
  • Use all chicoesparta76 Bases (Failed because his friend makes much bases)
  • Use StrikerTheFoxy's first Bases (Succeeded with Cakewalk)
  • Use all NefariousTropy14's bases
  • Use all Angry Dummy Extended Bases
  • Make Pokémon Sparta Remix (Black and White Season, XY Season and Sun and Moon Season, All in Latin Spanish, but sometimes he does with Spanish of Spain)

Others Channels

He created 3 channels

Mr.ASpartaX37 (Dilweed Loquendero): In this account he uploads Sparta side by sides and a Loquendo videos

Mr.ASpartaX37 Extras: In this account he uploads sparta remixes that were either rejected or copyright


  • His best friends are chicoesparta76, Mr.AirbusX 340600, LosVaquerosAnimax (TheCowboysAnimax),Rockman Mr.Loquendo Inverse, Edgadus Abr. the Hedgehog, MultiJosueh, 09noahjohn,UltramateRemixer, ZGURemixer/ZonaGamerUltra (ZoneGamerUltra), MissSpartanX14Remixor ,Elise the Spartan and zedk8
  • He likes much Disney Cartoons whereby he watchs on Disney Channel and Disney XD.
  • Sometimes watches live action series as Crash & Bernstein, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, Lazy Town and Drake & Josh
  • His favorite Sparta Remixers are Spartan Dash, KingSpartaX37, cyberizer_Death, TehHungarianSpartan, EpicRemix 0_o, Tomiato64, MyLandmasterAlt2, Jario, neroultimo, CyberMelon, GlamorousGermanSpartan, AoneAtwoAthree4, Alex the Savior, NaruAyase2195 (sometimes makes epic remixes), LucioXD2012Full, Hunter9765XD/HunterTehNyanCatSpartan, Marcus Ryan/RAVAGE657 and Teh3dSpartan/roblox3dflash
  • He doesn't make Sparta Remix of Spongebob because TheJario943 got terminated by Viacom copyright strike
  • He doesn't make Sparta Remix of The Simpson because ZombiesMurderer got terminated by 20th Centrury Fox copyright strike
  • He hates copyright strikes whereby some users got terminated
  • His real name is Jose Alfredo Mendoza Rodriguez
  • He likes to watch SuperMarioGlitchy4's videos.
  • In his deviantart account, he likes cute and awesome pictures.
  • Claims to be the Colombian 09noahjohn, the Colombian chicoesparta76 and the Colombian KingSpartaX37
  • He accepts requests
  • Some of his Sparta Remix have close caption.
  • He likes the Wariza whereby he puts that images on his profile pictures
  • He accepts the constructive opinions
  • He likes the yuri
  • He accepts constructive opinions in his remixes, that thing who his friend chicoesparta76 hates, and his first MUGEN character (Dave who is overhated for the stolen moves but now he got updated and the stolen stuff got removed except the Master Spark, but some moves need improvisation, anyways he consered that character Not Longer Worked)