Hastune Squidward
Vital statistics
Name Marcllorca101
Gender Female
Country Phillipines
Status OK
Date joined 2011 (Starting making Sparta's again in 2014)
Date left 2015
First base Unknown
First remix Finn has a Screaming Sparta Remix

Marcllorca101, aka FilipinoSpartan is a sparta remixer. She creates other content like translated Filipino shows, YTPs, etc. She closed her channel on 2015 for unknown reasons. Some of the videos were saved, asides from shows, YTPs and a few sparta remixes (including her nineparison) were forgotten. She uses Hatsune Miku, Fairly Odd Parents, Philippine sources, Gumball, etc.


When She started on March 2011, She made its first sparta Remix in WMM, She improved on 2013 when She started using sony vegas in her remixes.


  • She is great at sparta remixes.
  • One of the few sparta remixers that live in the Philippines
  • It is unknown why She upgraded to Windows 7 to make sparta remixes.

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