His current profile picture.
Vital statistics
Name Syxte
Gender Male
Country Estonia
Status Active
Date joined 26. November, 2015
Date left
First base [BASE] Sparta Wart Remix
First remix Howtobasic has a Sparta Blissful Serenity Remix

Syxte a.k.a Kristjan6100 is a 15-year old Spartan from Estonia and is currently continuing Winterwood series with Summerwood.. He makes remixes on Base Cover mode, which he thinks is awesome.


  • He hates Spartans who are "Anti-[INSERTNAMEHERE]".
  • He loves doing base covers.
  • He loves object shows, the best being IDFB.
  • He spends 10 hours a day sitting in front of his computer.
  • He was the first to discover Sparta Nemesis Mix pitch.
  • He uses Sony Vegas Pro 14, FL Studio 12.4, and Windows 10 64-bit.
  • He has no dedicated GPU, except for Intel HD 4400.
  • He hates to be rude and evil.
  • He used to be evil, but he changed. Now he is accused of being a pedophile, who masturbates to dead child porn, which is FALSE, and reminds us of a 62 Year Old Twitch Streamer being accused a pedophile by KEEMSTAR (and his fans). Source here:

Kristjan6100's YouTube Channel:

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