Shrok'e' Make'e' is a Sparta Remixer that joined in October 6, 2011 and started remixing in July 11, 2014.

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He used Camtasia Studio and Windows Live Movie Maker in his earlier Sparta Remixes, but then he used Sony Vegas Pro by August 20, 2014.

He became popular by December 2014 when he uploaded "Inanimate Insanity Has A Sparta Collab Mix."

He continued making videos at this point. He made a No BGM Sparta Remix called "(Collab) Cheesy Has A No BGM Remix", just like the Inanimate Insanity has a Sparta Collab mix.

He had Vocodex on May 14, 2015 and he uploaded "New Pitch test" and "FiNaL piTcH" using it. He also had FL Studio 10 to make bases.

He learned Teh Awesomeness Pattern in July 3, 2015. In July 4, he attempted to use 'epic visuals' once.

He decided to take a break and moved to another channel called TehBlazer Spartan. He came back on Jul 13, 2015 and he made "Teh Best FNAF 4 Remix Ever", which he claims to be his 'first remix'. Then he made a comeback channel called tehpoisonspartan epic retu but then he lost his account and went back to his old account. Then, some where around January 2016, he had Melodyne which he uses today, thanks to ogu scan. (aka oguzkan, oguzkanalt200, s r)

He changed his name to Dr. V <aka Dr. Vlogger> So his main channel is Minecrafter 423. He uploads his sparta remixes, gaming videos etc.