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SteveComedian2001 Was Borned In Dec 23rd, 2001,In March 1st, 2014, He Started YouTube With His Real Name, In June 2014, SteveComedian2001 Created A New Skype And Steam Account, In Dec 2014, He Closed His YouTube Account, He Came Back As SteveComedian2001 VGCP, In Late January 2015, His Old Computer Got Broken & Losted Access To His Old Computer, In May 2015, He Created His Own Facebook Account With His Real Name In July 2015, He Started Doing Reaction Videos And He Got New Computer With HP AMD 64 bit Windows 8.1,In August 2015, He Upgraded Windows 8.1 To Windows, In September 2015, He Downloaded Sony Vegas And FL Studio On His Computer, In Sep 27th, 2015, His Account Was Terminated For Violating The Terms Of Service, And Then, Came Back As KeyBoardComedian2001 Wan, In October 2015, He Made Reaction Video on MLP YTP, Then It Got Copyright Claim By Hasbro Studios, LLC, In Nov 2015, He Becomed Brony, His Favorite Pony Is Rainbow Dash In Feb 2016, He Created The New Watermark And Started Doing Sparta Remixes, Sometimes In 2016, He Got More Disliked On His Videos, Gladly He Disabled The Ratings, In March 2016, He Started Doing Tutorial Videos, In May 5th, 2016, His 2nd Tutorial Got Removed And He Received Community Guidelines Strike On His Channel, In May/June 2016, He Installed Melodyne On His Computer, Meanwhile In June 2016, His Post Got Removed From GlamorousGermanSpartan's Google Community For Spam, Everytime He Sees That Someone Stole His Friend's Video, He Tells His Friend On Google+, In July 8th, He Putted His KeyBoardComedian Reacts To GSR's YTP On Private Because He Don't Want To Have It Anymore, In July 13th, He Unprivated His Reaction Video To GSR's YTP, In July 19, His Copyright Strikes Are Gone From His Channel, In July 22, 2016, UTTP Members Stole His UsefulVideos Reupload And His Sparta XYTH FourParison