Rodrigo Fuentes (Kector Neild Spartan) is a Chilean sparta remixer. He started to make Sparta Remixes in December 2015, and his first sparta remix was "LolmanXD444 ~I AM NOT A UGLY FACE!~" (Sparta Legacy

Kector Neild Spartan
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Name Kector Neild Spartan
Gender Male
Country Chile
Status Availdable
Date joined 2015
Date left 2016
First base Sparta MadVenom RFE
First remix LolmanXD444 "I AM NOT A UGLYFACE!" Sparta Legacy Mix


He started watching sparta remixes in 2015. After 2 years, he got Sony Vegas 11, and started making sparta remixes. He started making YTPMVs from 2016 and eventually quits making sparta remixes in 2015. He returned on February 28, 2016 but the vacations.

LolmanXD444 ~I AM NOT A UGLY FACE!~ Has a Sparta Legacy Mix01:09

LolmanXD444 ~I AM NOT A UGLY FACE!~ Has a Sparta Legacy Mix

His style

Back then, "Kector Neild Spartan" was copying one of the most well known sparta remixers of that time, Aduburyus, But after he improved in sparta remixing, he now has his own unique style.

Before then, he was based on pitch and percussion, without freestyles.

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