Vital statistics
Name Kawaxte
Gender Male
Country Estonia
Status Active
Date joined November 26, 2015
Date left Unknown
First base [BASE] Sparta Wart Remix
First remix Howtobasic Has A Sparta Blissful Serenity Remix


Kawaxte is a 15-year old male from Estonia. He used to be Syxte before he shipped his name with KawaiiBot, creating a new, unknown name.


He started out as an average meme lover who accidentally found "This is sparta techno remix" on YouTube in 2012. He then began looking for other remixes. One of them was "OVERTIME!!! sparta remix". He made his very first remix on November 26, 2015. Before his very first remix, he practised Chorus for 3 days. On July, 2016, he was added on DaIrishSpartan (MarioGaming)'s Skype group with TehEstonianSpartan and a when he suddenly changed into psychopathic gore spammer. What he spammed was "Gabriel Kuhn Murder". After this action, he lost many people he claimed as friends and regret it. Months later, Ilyar and OpticalPlays were told about this. Ilyar started spreading lies about him, later admitting those were false rumors about him. He continued to watch gore till February 2017 where he moved on. Kawaxte then managed to be friends with Jario, GlamorousGermanSpartan/GermanSpartaRemixer and some others he knew from the past. Before him becoming annoying for no valid reason and hated by the same remixers he knew from the past, he was quite normal. He's currently bidding graphics cards on eBay, playing Impeerium (Minecraft Estonian Server) and browsing hentai (or ecchi).

Sparta & Music Production

Kawaxte is currently producing terrible Sparta Remixes and basic Sparta Bases. He loves Sparta but is not motivated to put effort in them yet they'd be terrible even if he did put effort in them. He is hated by Sparta Community for his past actions that haunt him for a very long time, and people like Ilyar wish he was never in this community. Kawaxte loves to produce Sparta Bases, some of them were inspired by Sparta Star Light Mix and re:weeaboo. His favourite Sparta Remixer is EpicRemix 0_o and his favourite Base Maker is re:weeaboo.


Kawaxte's mission is to complete all of his base series and erase himself from the community. His base series and endings are listed here: (Completed --- In Progress --- Not started yet)

Deep Water Series

Sparta Deep Water

Sparta Deep Water V2

Sparta Deep Water V3

Sparta Deep Water V4

Sparta Deep Water V5

Sparta Deep Water V6

Sparta Deep Water V7

Iceberg Series

Sparta Iceberg Mix

Sparta Iceberg Mix V2

Sparta Iceberg Mix V3

Sparta Iceberg Mix V4

Sparta Iceberg Mix V5

Borehole Series

Sparta Borehole Mix

Sparta Borehole Mix V2

Sparta Borehole Mix V3

Bemmi Kummid Series

Sparta Bemmi Kummid Mix

Sparta Bemmi Kummid Mix V2

Sparta Bemmi Kummid Mix V3

Sparta Bases

Sparta Antiful Blissinity Base - NO PROJECT FILE

Sparta Bemmi Kummid Mix

Sparta Borehole Mix

Sparta Borehole Mix V2

Sparta Cett Base - NO PROJECT FILE

Sparta Deep Water Base

Sparta Deep Water V2

Sparta Deep Water V3

Sparta Deep Water V4

Sparta Deep Water X99 - NO PROJECT FILE

Sparta Depressed Base

Sparta Etheral KXDE

Sparta Hyper X99 - NO PROJECT FILE

Sparta HyperFox Base - NO PROJECT FILE

Sparta Iceberg Mix

Sparta Iceberg Mix V2

Sparta Kawaii Mix

Sparta Summerwood V1

Sparta Techno Mix - NO PROJECT FILE

Sparta Techno X99 - NO PROJECT FILE

Sparta UltraShort

Sparta Ultrashort V2

Sparta Vega Mix

Sparta Wart Remix

Sparta Winterwood

Sparta Winterwood V2

Sparta Winterwood V3

Sparta Winterwood V4

Sparta Winterwood V5

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