JozefxDark is a Sparta Remixer who joined on Youtube in Jun 28, 2011 and started to make Sparta Remixes in Dec 7, 2014.

Vital statistics
Name JozefxDark
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Status Active (low upload rate)
Date joined Jun 28, 2011
Date left //
First base //
First remix "(Sparta Remix For All) - Rarity vs Castle"


The first remix he uploaded publicly on Youtube was "(Sparta Remix For All) - Rarity vs Castle". It's not sure if it's his first remix. Everyone was surprised from that remix for the visuals and the audio. However, that remix was quite suspicious for the people who didn't know him, but he's not an alt or a new channel of someone that got his old channel terminated or something. He's been with the community since forever without making content until that day he released that Sparta Remix.

He made parts for some collabs and other videos after his first video, but not frequently. He uploaded 9 videos in total (09/18/2015), because he's very busy with his private life stuff (College ect).

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