jorge schoetz (or just jorge) is a late spartan that uploaded his first sparta remix (sort of) on the 31st of Oktober 2015 with a collab entry for a collab by victreebel the remixer, he used to be a YTPMVer and he kinda still is.

He's also the 3rd youngest remixer in the community according to himself (10 years old).

His first collab has yet to be uploaded (a Sparta Venom Mix Collab with christian2rules).


His channel:

Jorge Schoetz
his current profile pic
Vital statistics
Name Jorge Schoetz
Gender Male
Country Belgium
Status Alive
Date joined 31-10-15
Date left TBA
First base Sparta Mettaton Mix
First remix "I'd Rather Drown" (Sparta DJ AE Mix)

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