John Quacks
Vital statistics
Name John Quacks
Gender Male
Country California, United States
Status Active
Date joined 2013
Date left
First base JQ Sparta Base (unreleased)
First remix Quicktime Sample Movie Sparta EXTENDED Remix

sometime soon i will rewrite this entire page because it feels a bit dated and not so great - john quacks

John Quacks is a sparta remixer that joined in 2013 and is still making remixes ever since he came back again in late 2016. His main channel is John Quacks (originally called "JohnQuacksOld" or "Archive")

He owns a few alts: SRReuploads (formerly known as JQReuploads), JQOther, SamarcoHD (dead), ComputerMixer/TehComputerSpartan (dead), TehNonpremiumSpartan (dead), TehStuffSpartan, and TehMayonnaise Spartan LOLOL (dead).

He participated in many collaborations with many other remixers. A few examples are 18 Part Sparta Remix Collab, [COLLAB] Steppin' on the Beach {Sparta Hydrogen Remix}, Spongebob has a Sparta Club Beat Mix V2, The 9 Part Sparta Execution Collab, The Free-Rule Sparta Remix Collab 2017, The "Moana" Sparta Kerusso AE Remix Collab and many more.


-John Quacks- Vat19 - Sparta Extended Remix02:11

-John Quacks- Vat19 - Sparta Extended Remix

His most known remix

-Collab- Rick & Morty - (Morty) - "Who's stupid now bitch?!" Sparta Remix02:08

-Collab- Rick & Morty - (Morty) - "Who's stupid now bitch?!" Sparta Remix

His best sparta remix as of 2017 (collab part)

John Quacks started off with remixes on 2013-mid 2014 using a veg file as a template (not veg replace).

After mid 2014, he started using melodyne and super stretching along with proper timing using snapping to grid.

He has 'quit' multiple times due to hatred of his own remixes, but after days or months, he comes back with more remixes.

In late 2014, he has faced many problems with dislike bots attacking many of his videos. The bot then began to spread to many other remixers in the community. Not too long after the bot went away, came back later, then as of late 2017 has been gone since then.

In April 2015, he hasn't been uploading much other then tons of reuploads. This year was also the year where SamarcoHD was created and appeared in the comments of many other remixes. (read more about this channel in the SamarcoHD section)

His old account got terminated on June 25, 2015 but since then he has created and moved from many accounts and continues to make remixes to this day.

In August 2015, he was the winner in the Sparta Remix Contest that Quack Addict held. It was the first video that he made that became widespread to many remixers in the community at the time.

In February 2016 however, he removed all of his videos, renamed his channe, and shortly after deleted it (once again) as another classic "oh i quit" few days later "hey i'm Back!" scheme from him.

On May 26, 2016, he returned on a channel called NameYourChannel, However, the channel was closed since he wanted to move back into his old account of "JohnQuacksOld", which is now just "John Quacks". He hasn't moved channels since.

As of December 2016, he has returned back to remixing as the videos "coming soon", "coming soon 2", and this were uploaded. He had plans to make a "V2" of his TOMT remix from the previous year as he has recently uploaded a preview of the remix. It was released, but it came out horribly and it used the Prestige V3 base instead (JQ opinion!).

In 2017, he has drastically improved and gathered a new style that is less overboard than his 2015 remixes, with videos like Nostalgia Critic (Sparta Upsilon Remix) and the Kerusso V2 75% speed collab (as shown above).


Just to get this through, all the comments from SamarcoHD were a joke and fake. It wasn't actual hate on my content even though I do hate some of my remixes (It is not the vat19 one)
— John Quacks
nope john quacks sucks
— SamarcoHD
SamarcoHD in a nutshell00:54

SamarcoHD in a nutshell

SamarcoHD is John Quacks02:33

SamarcoHD is John Quacks

This channel appeared in April 2015. He picked only on John Quacks for no apparent reason. Many remixers usually find him annoying because he hated John Quacks and only John by writing comments like 'nope john quacks sucks' in every sparta remix and/or video that mentions John Quacks.

During an argument between SamarcoHD and another user, an account named "DHocramaS" randomly came out of nowhere, but wrote comments very similar to SamarcoHD as it was simply an alt. DHocramaS has not been active anywhere else (and is still open to this day). He closed his channel on June 28, 2015 because his 'mission' was complete as that was when John's channel was terminated.

He returned once again when John Quacks was the winner in the Sparta Remix Contest hosted by Quack Addict. On August 22, 2015, It has been proven that SamarcoHD was really John Quacks in disguise after a video Alex the Savior made which led to the confession from John. Since then he closed the channel only to remain as a reminder about how stuff like this shouldn't exist or happen.

However in November 2015, a fake SamarcoHD was created. As of late 2016, the channel was terminated due to a violation of YouTube's Terms of Service.

On a side note, the "Anti Oguzkan" channel ended up being renamed to "John Quacks Sucks" with the profile picture changing also.


JQ Troll Accounts (not owned by JQ)

Someone called TheQuacksSignal (originally Mesemies) was rumored of being an alt of John Quacks, then he started to troll John Quacks making Sparta Remixes that was identical to his, and also trolled a few other people by stealing videos which were "Unfinished Project" (unlisted now) and "[COLLAB] Get out Mr.Bean! Sparta Awesome Remix". He doesn't troll anymore and now uploads remixes.

Bases Created

Note: Both bases were made in Sony Vegas.

  • Sparta Horn Base (150bpm)
  • JQ Sparta Base (unreleased base from 2013 - early 2014 which is off timing and empty).

notable Facts

john quacks sucks -SamarcoHD

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