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Jackoy123 is a Brazilian sparta remixer. He started remixing in March 2015. His first sparta remix was "Applejack (ft. Scotaloo) - "Discord" - Sparta Overdrive Mix." He was a noob before, usually bad pitch or terrible percs but he improved since he uploaded "DHMIS 1-4 Sparta Remix - Sparta Diamond Mix." He also hosted a 3 Part Sparta Hydrogen Mix collab (it was a meh one) and the upcoming 27 Part Multisource Collab.


He also makes Sparta Bases and made one YTPMV and a gaming channel. His favorite base is Sparta Double Dynasty TBE Base. His favorite sparta remixers are Spartan Dash, Spartan Object, PotatoOverlord9000, JPeGamesEn, TehCanadianSpartan, Curtis TheThomasFan, SterGameX, GermanGlimmer, and TehSonarchy98thSpartan. His birthday is March 4th.