Template:D.MSpartan6Iwashere, lOl or better known as \O/ is an Argentinian sparta remixer who joined both YouTube and the community on Febraury 28th of 2014. He has been doing sparta remixes since then until now.


Vegeta- Insecto verde - EXTENDED Sparta Remix

Vegeta- Insecto verde - EXTENDED Sparta Remix

\O/ has known about the community since 2010, when he only watched them. Four years later he decided to give it a try, create a YouTube account (named as 'Iwashere' for a short time) and start doing his first sparta remix. He had already learnt about how a sparta remix was made watching several tutorials (including the one from Aduburyus). His first sparta remix was about Dragon Ball Z and he picked Vegeta's line "Insecto verde" (in his native language, Spanish). There was no pitch or percussion in it, only the chorus and a few freestyles. It also has bad timing (as he didn't know about the bpm ruler on Sony Vegas). After this, he made too many remixes with bad timing due to a mediocre tutorial he had watched from FireFenix76. He continued doing these off timing remixes until 2015, when on March 28th he released his first right timing remix (Spike - It got in my mouth (V2) [Sparta Remix]). On November 13th of 2014 he created his first sparta base called Sparta Percussion Remix, made on FL Studio 11.

The next year was a year of several improvements for \O/. Besides learning about the bpm ruler on Sony Vegas, he eventually learnt to do some (bad) scratchings, vibrato, reverb, better visuals, etc. He started to get more subs and get more recognized in the community. One of his 'hit' videos that gave him some recognition was his Teen Titans Go! Pulse Remix (actually, this remix was one of the first pulse remixes to exist along with Jario's, Spartan Dash's and Sonic The Spartan's remixes). At the end of 2015 he had made plenty of remixes and some custom bases, and reached 1k subscribers. He also made a couple of YTPMV's videos.

Currently, he still makes sparta remixes, sparta bases, collabs and ocassionaly YTPMV's. Just so you know, he doesn't take any request.

Sparta Bases

Custom bases

  • Sparta Percussion Remix
  • Sparta Virtual Remix
  • Sparta Dreamer Remix
  • Sparta Plague Remix
  • Sparta Voyager Remix (V1-2)
  • Sparta Sunlight Remix
  • Sparta Sigma Remix
  • Sparta Oasis Remix
  • Sparta Origin Remix
  • Sparta Cyan Remix
  • Sparta Surreal Mix
  • Sparta Hypno Mix
  • Sparta Platino Mix
  • Sparta Glide Mix
  • Sparta Exotic Mix
  • Sparta Glowing Mix
  • Sparta Iota Mix
  • Sparta Demonic Mix
  • Sparta Discotronic Mix
  • Sparta Mirage Mix
  • Sparta Kalium Mix
  • Sparta Equis Mix
  • Sparta Axis Mix
  • Sparta Prodigy Mix
  • Sparta Haiku Mix
  • Sparta Terra Mix
  • Sparta Zap Mix
  • Sparta Vatio Mix
  • Sparta Half a Base
  • Sparta Eclipse Mix
  • Sparta Emerald Mix
  • Sparta Emblem Mix
  • Sparta Preciado Mix
  • Sparta Timeless Mix
  • Sparta Stereo Mix
  • Sparta Iris Base
  • Sparta Lucky Base
  • Sparta Starry Base
  • Sparta Poker Base
  • Sparta Domino Base

\O/ Edition bases (LE)

  • Sparta Dramatic Remix LE V0.5
  • Sparta Poi Remix LE
  • Sparta MRiK Mix LE
  • Sparta Altis Mix LE
  • Sparta Pulse Remix LE
  • Sparta Analog Remix LE (V1-2)
  • Sparta Velocity Remix LE
  • Sparta Jolly Rancher Mix LE
  • Sparta Space Empire Mix LE
  • Sparta Uber Remix AE LE
  • Sparta Blitz Mix LE
  • Sparta Impossible Mix LE
  • Sparta Dramatic Remix LE
  • Spartacore LE Mix
  • Sparta Short Flange Mix LE
  • Sparta Club Chaos Mix XKE LE
  • Sparta Extended Remix LE
  • Sparta Antimatter Mix LE
  • Sparta Blissful Serenity Mix LE
  • Sparta Valentine Mix LE
  • Sparta Passion Mix LE
  • Sparta Awesome Mix LE
  • Sparta Brony Chaos Mix LE
  • Sparta Execution Mix LE
  • Sparta G.O.D. Mix LE
  • Sparta Midi Mix LE
  • Sparta Hyper ZE LE Mix
  • Sparta DJ Mix LE
  • Sparta Jove Mix LE
  • Sparta Káosz Mix LE
  • Sparta Nameless Mix LE
  • Sparta Ligthspeed Mix LE
  • Sparta Kerusso Mix LE
  • Sparta Nostromo Mix LE
  • Sparta One Day Mix LE
  • Sparta Dance Mix LE
  • Sparta CJCulture Mix LE
  • Sparta Auspex Mix LE
  • Sparta Metro Base LE

Collab bases

  • Sparta Axtone Mix - Collab with Teh Pekos/RazeMaza
  • Sparta Euphoric Mix - Collab with Francex
  • Sparta Powerful Mix - Collab with Gabriel Cano/FLYGEE
  • Sparta Ripe Mix - Collab with ATM
  • Sparta Grey Matter Mix - Collab with Chrissykae
  • The 10 Years Of Sparta Base Collab (Part 5) - Collab with FLYGEE, TehAutisticSpartan, Yuu The Spartan, TheOklahomanGamer, Francex and EpicRemix 0_o.

Mashup bases

  • Sparta Quiet Mix
  • Sparta REC Mix
  • Sparta Brony Chaos Mix LE

All his bases can be found on his SoundCloud account, MediaFire account or YouTube account (links below).