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idea was created in 3rd March, 2018

ialex (IalexStudios3D) is a Belarusian Sparta Remixer that joined in 2013. He was a victim of dislike bots, dislike alts that spreaded throughout the community in late 2014. Maybe he's good editor. He speaks Russian AND Belarusian. He believes himself SRCer, PSRer and SREor (watch ialex's vocabulary), but he also simultaneously believes that he exaggerates and this led to the fact that he considers himself to be the worst Sparta Remixer.

He speak English very bad!

He not Brony, but he did 1 SR "Pinkie Pie has a Sparta CyberD3ath Remix" and this remix was deleted from YouTube. He don't prefer to watch BFDI, Inanimate Insanity II, Some Cartoons by CN or Nickelodeon, etc.
Ialex on youtube

officially it's ialex too

He usually uses some sources: Operation System, some games, logos, some unusual sources, etc. He has a few alts which are Mr1alex for Quadparisons and Reuploads. He also made a couple of Mashup Bases. He's noticed for his OC his of remixing. But he tried to use unusual sources, looks like cartoons, film, animations, etc.

He don't like to make YTPMV but he can listen them.

He haven't a lot of friends. Haven't best friend.

At another opinion, ialex is unnormal or just crazy. It's hard to talk with him. Because "YouTube is an YouTube, Skype is a Skype and Discord is a Discord. So there's 3 types of talking he they're different (maybe Skype≈Discord).

He participated in many collabs and collabed with many other remixers. A few are: [Collab by Russians] MultiSource [Sparta Party Hard Remix],The Take Off and Land Collab, etc.

He has made many Creation Remixes (Sparta IalexStudios3D Creations Remix №n):

Sparta IalexStudios3D Creations Remix №3

Sparta IalexStudios3D Creations Remix №3


№1 - 5:47;

"This my first successful SR in 2014"

№2 - 5:50;

Sparta IalexStudios3D Creations Remix №4

Sparta IalexStudios3D Creations Remix №4


"The opinion by people - is the biggest trouble!"

№3 - 10:02;

"Нельзя, нельзя нельзя!" (You can't, you can't, you can't)

№4 - 5:43.

"№4 изменит всё!" (Number Four will change everything!)

He never put dislikes on videos! He never like on own videos. In July 12, 2016 he removed all like in 3 videos (yes, he put like on 3 own videos), so after this date he's officialy don't put like on own videos!

He make not so much bases because he prefer to make Mashups. Successful Mashup is: Sparta KingX Remix (include any Versions)

He haven't influences people. No one can not be ialex's influence. All ideas was going from ialex. After this ideas anyone have got an inspiration. After this inspiration sometimes ialex have an ideas but not usual. Plus ialex don't want to be influnce for someone, it's bad, very-very bad. "Himself a director".


NFSMW 2012 - Sparta Poision Remix

NFSMW 2012 - Sparta Poision Remix

This 1st official Sparta Remix.

IalexStudios3D started off with remixes with slightly very good timing, but bad pitch. (Epicness have a bad times). In late 2013, IalexStudios3D started adding pitches to his remixes which sounded bad.

In Jan 2014 he had good Pitch Shift by Sony Vegas.

After mid 2014, he started using track motion is his remixes more often. He has been trolled multiple times.

In mid-2014, a troll named Thomas Zeakwon spams their video requests and usually want to annoy IalexStudios3D, but later stopped. Because it not work. But He's don't know why you say it? OR who is? Why i am should suffer by 1 people? He couldn't ruffle me.

Starting in late 2014, IalexStudios3D was 3rd a victim of a dislike bot which was spreaded by John Quacks. The dislike bots would range from 1-40 dislikes (for me - max = 22 dislikes)

In 2015, IalexStudios3D is rarely active and is more disappointed in his remixes thinking they are horrible. He would constantly say that hes quitting sparta's due to him being extremely disappointed in his work.

September 2015, You should have to suffer because of mistreatment, but it was not so awful. He had the problem of self - hatred of people. He tried to do something terrible, but failed because of something.

December 25, 2015 all videos (without Creations №1 and №2) were hidden.

December 26, 2015 he's rename IalexStuidos3D => ialexconstV3. Because one Person wrote on my wiki: Deadline - December 25. And i agreed with this jokes.

Jan. 2016 - He's reneame again: IalexStudios3D. Because ialexconstV3 was very big error. Every new video has dislike alts. And approximately in June 8 he lost their.

Sep. 14 he uploaded №3. It was very hard work and he spent a lot of time, inspire etc. But he didn't see an efficiency and he was very disappointed from №3. But he completed make SRes.

October 2016 - ialex made YatTV - Sparta Hypers Remix. It's was the biggest political trouble. It's the 1st project which ialex just deleted video because of politics.

November, 2016 he made the 1st RYTP: Икс и Пиксели. Maybe it was good for newbie, but after 1 month he shoulded to delete this because ©.

Dec. 31, 2016 - he didn't used multisource such as from Dec. 31, 2015 because he was make so bad.

January, 2017 he wanted to make himself present so unusual and he started try to make voice source. So he did it. Some words was created at school, and at house, but he was so scary to make his source and reason wasn't to draw, he scaried to record his voice.

IalexStudios3D has a Sparta Atomic - Nuclear Remix

IalexStudios3D has a Sparta Atomic - Nuclear Remix

This 1st SR which use ialex's voice not in Creations.

Feb 7, 2017 - IalexStudios3D- has a Sparta Atomic-Nuclear Remix. He was happy that most people write in comments "happy birthday" but wasn't so happy that he waited Presents Sparta Remix. So he think about Soon my Birthday V5, maybe you shouldn't spend time to give me Sparta Remix Present?

Feb 8, 2017 he upload video about how to get uncustome source. Soon will results of this test (results will be on Feb 8, 2018).

Feb. 28, 2017 he made the last fake present to John Quacks. He did himself "John Quacks Custom Source".

March 11, 2017 - preview to №4. But it's not true. It was a trap for you. He didn't want to use this preview to №4.

April 1, 2017 - ialex uploaded a "joke" video then he used sources which he never wanted to use their. But it's not so rightly. It's mean that Project ialex'a started to show disappointing. He tried to use "πr ialex'a" and it's so bad, because πr use anyone.

July 3, 2017 - IalexStudios3D renamed to ialex.

Sep, 2017 he planned to upload №4 on September 22, but he understood that it's not real and he wanted to upload on September 25 but rendering was so slow and №4 uploaded on September 26, 2017.

After №4 ialex officialy don't prefer to use Project ialex'a.

(rtlk1) It's not Sparta Remix! It's my voice

(rtlk1) It's not Sparta Remix! It's my voice.

This video after №4. He's changed something opinion.

September 29, 2017 he uploaded rtlk1 then he said that uncustome source is custome and anyone know he's real voice.

"Rtlk mean that you can use anything by me because i'm not use Project ialex'a after №4. You can you my custome source, rtlks, etc."

He didn't gave "certificated" source because results on hint was 50/50.

He can make more than 1 collab, but 1 time - is good, and i agreed with their oponion. October 9, 2017 he uploaded the 3rd collaboration but with Sparta MKH Remix V2 but BGM was louder and not all likes this collab.

"Maybe it's my trouble but I made a tricky: anyone evaluated my trouble but not trouble other parts. So if ill make a BGM so quiet but anyone evaluated to trouble on another parts. It's looks like nobly or just stupid - your decide".

But itwas only the beginning of trouble.

He had such a problem, from which he can not resolve the source and base qualitatively. This problem is seen in some videos. This grieved him properly. But in December 2017 his trouble was solve.

The difference between old new years and this new year 2017 was a video.

December 31, 2017 - January 1, 2018 - he uploaded rtlk2 (realtek2). But soon he hide this video because of content. He has some differences between SRes and rtlk. New rtlk will be on ialex's channel. He created new channel for rtlk, sources, etc.

In February 2018 he felt that his remixes are not good at hearing. Something make his remixes strange?

In March 2018 he founded a trouble which he sufferd on October 2017 - March 2018. Itwas 192 Hz. Usually it should be 44,1 or 48 Hz. But this makes remixes like "bad audio quality". Only i felt it, no one?

He's only annoyed when

  1. People mistake the first letter of his channel's name as the letter "L" Instead of "I".
  2. Sparta Kids 7/8-12 years old are trying to become popular and think they are good at remixes (There are some exceptions),They just use FNAF as a source in Sparta Remixes, it is annoying to many remixers over the age of 12.
  3. People talk bad things about sparta remixes and the community so much.
  4. People steal remixes without edit.
  5. When people overuses vibrato pitch shift in their remixes.
  6. New Awesomeness #1 - I.e. It is not known that they can come up with, and from this it is bad.
  7. Writing is the word "Warning, EPIC!"
  8. New Stupid SRers, which become to epic or popular, but they're haven't sense in Sparta Remix Community.
  9. Stupid people which they can't understand how to make good SRes with support.
  10. Someone write: "Credits to all". Why all? i.e If someone write on SR: "credit to all" that mean, that he used source/base by anyone, even that does not make sense, too, will be considered on an equal footing with me?
  11. Someone say: "best", "You are the best Sparta Remixer!", "This Remix The Best!", "Cool", "Epic", "Epic Remix!", etc. (exception - EpicRemix 0_o)
  12. You lying so much.
  13. Elliptical visuals in SRes.
  14. Anyone use another transcription, not he didn't say ['aialiks] so correctly.
  15. Someone calls me to a conversation to laugh at me. And then, after nothing happened, they get angry at me and believe me that in all this I am guilty. Although I did not ask to come to that conversation twice.

ialex's vocabulary

As you know ialex is unnormal. But there is a huge minus (for you), there is no note in the psychiatrist that I'm unnormal. Those how to prove that this is not clear. so he created a lot of phrase word which he used to confuse you. So it's time to show this words:

iht (in nowdays he use very rarely) - i hello too/Greet you do.

This phrase was created on Skype in "SR Community Group". When someone wrote ih, I wanted to make something, and I created iht. This word use ONLY after greeting. The biggest error is thing that you wrote iht 1stly. "idk, but I don't talk with ghosts". So look at situation to how to write iht perfectly:

Perfect "iht"

Good example when ddpp9955 wrote "iht" perfectly!

Talon: Hello
ialex: iht
It's maybe easy now looks at this situation:
Talon: hi
ialex: iht
Popcorn: hi
ialex iht
Alas you see nothing happened. Now it's time to show this situation:
Talon: hello ialex
Popcorn: hi ialex
This situation when you know that "hi" said only to you or you understand that this "hi" for you and it's not from 1 people. Maybe you answer iht 2 times but it's not right, i.e. iht iht isn't good. So how to correct this situation? So just write 1st answer "I" or "iht, Talon" - it doesn't matter but the 2nd answer should be iht, but you should write him nickname. So how it's looking perfectly:
Talon: hello ialex
Popcorn: hi ialex
ialex: iht
ialex: iht, Popcorn
BUT, if you have this situation:
Talon: hi
Popcorn: hi
ddpp9955: hello
ialex: iht
This type was write corectly too!

In nowdays he try to say iht very rarely because of confusing.

So I think that's all about iht.

SR - Sparta Remix.
SRer - Sparta Remixer.
SRes - Sparta Remixes.
SRB - Sparta Remix Base or SB - Sparta Base.

Maybe this types is used before me, maybe i didn't created their, but just know about it:

PRSer - Professional Sparta Remixer.
SREor - Sparta Remix Editor. A person who can edit base, source very perfectly.
SRCer - Sparta Remix Converter. A person who is able to make a very bad source a good SR.
[old](my answers) no, no, no, no, no (no ≥ 5) - your questions doesn't matter.

Usualy no, no, no, no, no... don't use in nowdays and it's good.

About the next phrase I should say something. This phrase use(d) so much and sometimes so wrong. So:

bad ad - it's a link which you watched and you don't like this.
good ad - it's a link which you watched and you like it and you know why it's good.

It's good work in servers, groups when someone gave a link and administration or moderate check this link. Maybe it's a virus - bad ad (for example). It's meme? - good ad (for example). It's a Remix/Sparta Remix/YTPMV/Music? Hmmmm. At this situation only administration or moderate solve this choose. Bad SR - bad ad. Good SR - good ad. Bad remix, but you see a sense at this SR? - normal ad.

normal ad - it's a link which you whached and you don't know it's good ad or not.

Normal ad didn't used so much! Maybe it's new, but i don't think so. How it's looks like:

DangoOlreala: http:\\link
ialex: bad ad

unnormal - it's a person which make something such as a crazy, but he's not looking crazy so much; between normal and crazy; abnormal.
uncustome - private.
[new] #ialexСкатился - I made very big trouble.

If you translate "Скатился" you maybe understand why this looks like.

thuk - suck. 
flack you - fuck you.
itwas - it's was a.
includiing - something very tempting.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand - Your answer is not complete; the answer is not brought to the main entrance.

Sometimes this answer may have "?" but this does not change the meaning of the word.

is you? - is it you on the photo\video?

This word was inspired by BNorsk when I sent photos and write 1 question: "is you?" Before I knew him, he was called Mario6913. As for me, he was a good person, and maybe even a very good friend. But these words I wrote in the "past simple". Conclusion make yourself.

Talon's prodelct - This is the action of Talon, which makes it so that more people recognize me and no one know it has advantages or not.

It doesn't depend much on the number of people. Even 1-2 people can already be called that.

prodelct - paranoia, which gives a 100% chance that if some want to recognize you - expect bad results.

The difference between just prodelct and Talon's prodelct is one - Talon's prodelct have 50% chance that this recognize - kind, successful and 50% is not. Just prodelct have 100% that it's not good.

"certificated" - certified.

idk is trouble by me or not, but "certificated" i wrote with " ", i.e. i think that if i wrote "certificated" without " " - it does will a big trouble, because " " show a little what isn't as right as it should be.

PM - Private Message

On Russian this called: "ЛС - Личное Сообщение". Someone used DM, that mean something about Private Message on Discord, but i think it doesn't matter, because and twitter and youtube etc. have Private Messages. In nowadays this word used not always.

[old]w_w - A confusing smile that denotes a negative and a calm sense.
Г_г - you didn't surprise me.

In this case better to write this smile without "space", but usually you should write with "space": Г_ г.

Badness - Part Between Madness and Chorus after Madness. It represents the 2nd Madness, the assumption of the end of the SR, where Madness becomes an alternative or vice versa.

But sometimes Badness can be after Awesomeness #1 - maximum.

intress - Part Between Chorus before Madness and Madness. Tt represents only the 2nd Madness, nothing more.

Varies from 1 to 2 include this numbers.

1 = 1 Madness = 4 Chorus.

"Badness" or "intress" - additional Madness. Varies from 0,5 to 4 additional Madness.

As you could know you maybe whatched №4 and part which called "Something!" So, i wanted to write "intress", i.e. changing version for this part, but i saw that this word lhard to read. So itwas my trouble, but, "Badness" is "intress" (quotes are of great importance) and it's gives this incident even higher embarrassment. This error or i was right? It's know only creator. So i give a file, i.e. video file t94 + t95.MP4, which he was rendered before №4 and was such as a testing.

kibibot - all good promission between robot and cyborg.

As it will be for some very strange, but ialex refers to kibibot.

half-kibibot - between robot and cyborg but with bad flaws.
itisn't - it's not but in very-very rough terms.

For example: itisn't enough - This is the meaning of the fact that the word is not sufficiently pronounced with a nerve aggression.

Aim bak - I'm back.

This vocabulary will change and update!

And I created "nicknames" to someone. If you want that I'll show their just tell me and I'll write some nicknames. But I want to say that if I create nickname smaller or creator create nickname so small - I rested very well to this person.

Gallery (done by another person)

This gallery which created by other people which trying to support this wiki.


I don't want to create special Devin's art account for "ialex was painted". So there're here. I will not oppose if someone will make it because this artworks aren't mine!

A very large contribution to this concept was made by 2 people: Kawa and enforch!

There's good artworks:

GRAF 1469087835493

This is 1st art by some people. This pose means "Бу!" like am i scared you? Art by enforch.

GRAF 1469106575993

Art by enforch.


This art used as avatar for "Tough ialex". Art by enforch.


Edit by me.


This origial art by Kawa.


This origial art by Kawa.

Unknown (1)

From these eyes it was impossible to determine who is in the photo. But it became more understandable only after the blue color appeared. Art by Kawa.


Edit by me.


Art by Kawa.

Аляксандр, отр.2

Art by Kawa.

Unknown (3.1)

Art by Kawa. Used on Discord.

Unknown (4.1)

This art use in Facebook. Art by Kawa.

Verybad ialex

This art is an exception. Art by Stoocho.


Art by enforch.

Screenshoot talon

This art by Talon. Used on wiki's account right now.


In fact, I didn't want this one painted by me at this time which he painted anoyone else, because I got a bad impression from Sparta Dubs. Because i, as usual, want to be relatively different from everyone. But of course I'm sure it's always Talon's prodelct. Art by vriffet. Small edit by me.


This Triggered by Kawa.

Ialex by talon

Uses in Steam in nowaday. Art by Talon.

Ialex (1.1)

Art by TehQuestion.


Art by HolyGrenade.

GRAF 1501440791543

Art by enforch.

GRAF 1514917130821

Art by enforch.


Art by enforch.

The next arts isn't very good, but it's worth adding:

Unknown (2)

Art by NorskMario.


Art by atawa.


This art was prevented by a shadow. Art by Kawa.

Ialex fanart

I said some error into my serva. So i'll not say this troubles. Art by TehBrazilianSpartan2134.

I had a good art from the M400, but it was lost after reinstalling Windows 7 on Windows 7.

I'm so sorry if i forgo tot add arts by someone after my error with wiki.

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