I have been making Sparta Remixes a lot lately. If you don't know how to make one, then this is the page just for you!

How To Make A Sparta Remix (for beginners)

Step 1:

Getting a Sparta base, and a Sparta source. You can easily find one from SpartaBaseRecovery, or from one of many other popular Sparta Remixers on SoundCloud, such as Jario, Alex The Savior, etc.. Go to to convert your Sparta Base to an MP3 and download it! Once you have downloaded your chosen Sparta Base, find a Sparta source video. [need page for "Sparta Source"]

Go to and copypaste the video URL link of the Sparta Source on the bar and click go. Make sure you click on (MP4) "720p" for the highest quality to download, or else the video will have bad quality!

Step 2:

Getting started. Open up Sony Vegas Pro. Here are many steps here in order to have perfect timing for a Sparta Remix.

Go to Options:


- Enable Snapping,

- Snap To Grid

- Snap To All Events

- Snap to Markers


- Quickfade Audio Edits

- Quantize to Frames

To synchronize your source along with the Sparta base in perfect timing also, go to:


- Properties

- Ruler (section)

- Set the Ruler Time Format to Measures and Beats

- Set the BPM (beats per minute) to 140.000.

- Click OK.

Step 4:


A screenshot showing the Chorus pattern. If you don't know how to do it, follow this screenshot and match the clips, and you're ready to make your own Sparta Remix!

The chorus. OK. Now, if you don't know what the chorus is, the chorus is the "main pattern" that is "often repeated throughout a Sparta Remix". There are many tricky patterns out there to use, such as one of the freestyle patterns. But for beginners like you, here is the basic pattern that you can use in one of your Sparta Remixes:



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